You Decide


J. D. Pendry


"The Democratic Congress will go on record, every day if necessary, to register a judgment in opposition to the course of action that the president is taking in Iraq," Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi


"Your actions here in the Congress appear to be in direct conflict with the realities on the ground where the trends are up and progress is being made," General John M. Keane, USA (retired)


Did you hear the President’s speech given at Charleston, South Carolina?  If you didn’t, take a minute and read it.  He provided some detailed declassified information that every US news source should be broadcasting worldwide.  And they would be too, if they didn’t view George Bush’s destruction as more important to them than the destruction of al Qaeda.  Next, find a world map and locate Iraq.  Although this is not a commercial for it, I suggest Google Earth.  It is useful for things other than looking for a picture of your house.


Now that we’ve worn out the Bush lied us into war drivel, the new debate is about what will happen in Iraq if we leave there abruptly as many in Congress and some leading Presidential contenders propose that we do.  Some of them convinced that since our last bug out went so well it will be just fine this time too.


“We heard that argument over and over again about the bloodbath that would engulf the entire Southeast Asia, and it didn’t happen.” Senator John Kerry


How many deaths do you reckon it takes to qualify as a bloodbath?  Apparently two million doesn’t meet the criteria.  Pathological liars are dangerous.  Especially once they become members of Congress and are convinced of the truthfulness of their own lies.  Unfortunately, but frankly, a Middle East bloodbath is the least of our concerns.  What likely follows the bloodbath is.


While our deep thinking Congress and their media cheerleaders are trying their level best to destroy a sitting President and ensure the defeat of our country, we never hear discussions about what might have been had we not gone to Iraq in the first place.  Considering that might add perspective to the possibilities following our retreat.


As you peruse your world map, recall some history.  In 1936, Winston Churchill was already sounding alarms about Adolph Hitler and his Nazis, which curiously enough had the same goals does today’s Islamic Nazis.  Sir Winston was mostly ignored, at least up and until the time that Hitler consolidated his hold on central Europe and set about his business of killing Jews and expanding towards Russia and England.  Still, we sat on our hands until the war came to us at Pearl Harbor.  Because of our hand sitting, more than 450,000 Americans became casualties of war.  Had the world listened and responded to Sir Winston’s alarms in the 1930’s the outcome likely would have been much different.


As you review your map, consider where we would be if we only focused our efforts on Afghanistan.  Arrayed to the East would be Iran, Iraq and Syria, allies by necessity and with hostile intent toward the great Satan.  Instead, we have forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We have Iran in a bracket and are on the border of Syria.  If we hastily leave Iraq (remember, we still have forces in Germany, Korea and Japan seeing to long periods of peace and prosperity) there will undoubtedly be a Shiite and Sunni conflagration that will engulf the region because religious fanaticism doesn’t know anything about borders.  There will also be a Middle East version of the Vietnam boat people fleeing for their lives, many of them won’t make it out.  When the dust settles, there will be the sought after Islamic Caliphate reaching from Afghanistan in the West to Syria in the East, rolling up the Lebanons, Kuwaits and Quatars along the way.  Once consolidated, like Hitler did, it’ll set out the kill the Jews then come for Europe and the United States.  The casualties we’ve endured till now won’t amount to a blip on the meter compared to what it’ll take to bring back security and peace.  Our survival will require a full mobilization of our country for war complete with military conscription.  There won’t be any running off to Canada, because they’ll be in the boat with us.


Our generation’s Pearl Harbor was not enough to bring us out of our stupor because we’ve been so media indoctrinated to believe that our problem is attributable to a small criminal element who’ve hijacked the religion of peace.  Unfortunately, we are unable to get past our internal political wars long enough to make the average American understand our precarious situation.


What each of us must do is take a critical look at the world situation.  Don’t let talk radio conservative or otherwise, the news media, the blogs and most certainly not the politicians issue you an opinion.  Discard the politics and try a little study and some critical thinking of your own.  Then you decide.  Then let your political leaders know what you’ve decided is best for our country.


© 2007 J.D. Pendry