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With this post, Iíll be taking a break from my weekly ritual.Iím going to unplug for a while except for an occasional check of email.Iíll be turning off the talk radio, the Internet news and the blogs.I need to take an azimuth check.Thatís what we did in the Army when we werenít sure we were headed in the right direction.You all have tolerated me in your mailbox for a while now, so let me try to explain.


On the way home from the day job, I started pawing at the radio in the truck.It was on one of the talk shows to which I often listen.Two insane sounding people were yelling and screaming while trying to talk over top of one another.Both were making precious little sense.I could no longer tolerate what they seemed to revel in.I switched to the oldies station and started singing Sherry along with the Four Seasons.My mood changed and the rest of the trip home was pleasant.Loud but pleasant.Singing along with Rhythm of the Rain, it dawned on me that the shouting match I heard was my destination if I maintained my current heading.I wasnít too sure I wanted to get there.


I often ask for guidance through prayer, admittedly not often enough, but I do it.Plenty of grown men wonít admit that.The President and I do.I had a Preacher tell me once that you can pray all day, problem is, most of us donít know when to shut up and listen for our answer or we donít recognize the answer when it hits us square on the head.I wasnít sure I had an answer about where I was headed, but was certain I had one about where I didnít want to go.Iím not sure how all of that works out.Iíll have to talk it all over with the Bunkerís Spiritual Adviser.


Iíve written about many different subjects.Initially on topics related to Soldiers, because I was one as was most of my audience.Over the past couple of years, actually since 9/11, I turned into a news junkie.That alone is enough to cause a head explosion.My writing has taken on a political tone (as if you didnít know) sometimes to the point of me becoming one of those screamers only on paper.I despise politics because of the conduct of too many politicians; unfortunately, itís hard to separate them from the issues of the day because they are the players responsible for the issues.Itís their focus that I find astounding.The overriding focus of politics in America is destroying your opposition first.The party in the majority canít move anything forward because the party in minority has as their mission to make them fail instead of making our country work.Itís a sad, dangerous cycle Ė with the American people as the ultimate losers.Iím going to leave them to Rush and Hannity.


As I sit here writing this, American Soldiers (a term I use for all our men and women in uniform) are again standing on the frontier of freedom and standing up to yet another form of fascism and fanaticism.History keeps offering them to us and American Soldiers keep rising up to face their challenge so people who want to can live freely.While Soldiers sacrifice, politicians - of all persuasions and apparently oblivious to the dangers of our world - play political games in the disenchanted kingdom also known as Washington DC.


We had an expression in the Army, ďCrap rolls down hill.ĒIn our dangerous world politicians sit on top of the hill and Soldiers reside in the valley Ė the rest of us somewhere in between.Also, on top of that hill is an American News Media, that canít find the time or inclination to report to us the accomplishments of our Soldiers or our country for that matter.Politicians and most of the news stay focused on frivolity, while a small group of gallant men and women protect us from fanatical murderers.Run away brides and juvenile Senators are more important news than the work of true heroes Ė real people.Thatís our sad state and itís from that, I need to unplug for a time.


Thank you for your support.I donít know in what form Iíll return, but donít unsubscribe because Iíll see you in a month.


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