Treason – The Real Inconvenient Truth

J. D Pendry

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded "to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between the nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses".

By now, most Americans have heard about global warming.  Many of them have probably watched former Vice President Al Gore’s scientifically flawed and politically motivated movie on the topic for which intellectually challenged and likeminded people gave him an award.  Now, he has received the Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to world peace.  According to Mr. Gore, “we face a true planetary emergency.  On my significance meter, his “achievements” rank almost as high as do the exploits of Paris or Britney.

The real truth is that most Americans can tell you about Mr. Gore’s prize and provide you play by play on the tragic lives of two young women.  The inconvenient truth is that few of them can tell you anything about men like Army Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith or Navy Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy.  Real heroes with real achievements to their credit have no place in today’s American story because today’s version originates from men and women of politics and media who’ve written dubious heroes into the script while actively vilifying the true ones.

From the beginning, anti military politicians and their media cohorts dedicated themselves to the defeat of America not her enemies.  Within hours of the 9/11 attack, some were blaming America.  Within days, politicians were blaming their opponents.  Within hours of the beginning of the Iraq invasion, the news was telling us to brace for massive American casualties then started calling it a quagmire.  To their chagrin, most Americans supported the effort and the Troops.  In their worldview and to their desired end, that just wouldn’t do.

Men like our former President Jimmy Carter made it their mission to discredit America, and often while visiting foreign countries.  More than six years after the unprovoked attack that killed thousands of Americans, he still derides our President and Vice President and still insists that we torture our prisoners.  This from the man who tortured Americans with 4 years with high unemployment, high inflation, high interest rates and national humiliation at the hands of the same Islamic fascists we face today.

The conduct of a few at Abu Ghraib was their first effort to paint the United States Military with the broad brush as prisoner abusing torturers.  The story was daily on the front page of the New York Times for more than a month and flowed daily from the mouths of politicians in front of television cameras.  Then came the mischaracterizations of our Soldiers at Guantanamo led by the slanderous comments of Senator Dick Durbin calling them Nazis supported by media lies such as the Koran flushing  published in Newsweek magazine.   When those episodes and others cooled in the media, they thought they’d found the Mi Lai they’d been wishing for.  Congressman Jack Murtha took the lead on this one tossing aside the Marine Corps motto of Semper Fidelis and labeling his once brothers at arms as cold-blooded murderers.  Numerous media accounts sided with Murtha and with our enemies who tried hard to make it appear that our Marines committed an atrocity.  That lie, along with the credibility of Murtha and the media is now swirling down drain.  No apologies or corrected stories are coming forth from Murtha or the media.  It’s tragic that our Marines and their families had to endure this humiliation.

Attempts to turn Americans against our Military and our war with the Islamic terrorists was not working fast enough so they resorted to the skulking strategy of slow-bleed that would deprive our Troops of reinforcements and hinder their ability to prosecute the war.  The slow bleed-like strategies never seemed to be able to get out of Congress so the anti-war left took even more dubious and sinister steps to bring about an American defeat.

During the decade of the 90’s, the United States Military was dramatically downsized.  The Army, for example, was reduced from 18 active divisions to 10 and to nearly half its Desert Storm strength.  This leaves the services with too few active military people to perform many necessary tasks.  This is why you see contractors performing logistics and maintenance operations.  It’s also why you see private security companies performing VIP security.  Companies like Blackwater USA.  No matter what you might think of Blackwater and other such contractors, they’re a modern necessity to our war fighting capability.  Without Blackwater, high level civilians that we need in Iraq to complete the mission would not be able to move about and do their jobs.  This is not lost on Washington’s defeatists.

Congressional Democrats have decided that now is the appropriate time to characterize something that occurred 90 years ago as genocide.  This would be the Ottoman Turks killing of Armenians before World I.  At face value, this might not seem very significant to you, but here is what you need to know.  Seventy percent of the supplies that our Troops need to survive and win in Iraq come to them through Turkey.  Turkey is a NATO ally.  So what affect do you think a United States Congressional resolution labeling the Turks as genocidal might have?

 Treason, simply defined is an act of betrayal.  Aiding the enemy.

Yes Vice President Gore, there is a planetary emergency.  It is centered in the United States Congress.

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