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“Limitations of the Teenage Brain”


Karen Salstrom


"The teenage brain is different from the adult brain.  The impulse-control center-the part of the brain that enables us to think ahead, consider consequences, manage urges-that's the part of the brain right behind our forehead, called the prefrontal cortex.  That's under construction during the teenage years.  In fact, the wiring of that is not completed until the early 20s."--child psychologist Dr. David Walsh, 60 Minutes, CBS, 3/6/05


If anyone needs a reason to rethink handing out condoms to our teens in school, or condoning pre-marital sex, then the above quote should be a cause for pause. 


For too long, we have tried to pretend that we are stifling the rights of teens if we interfere in this area of life.  In actuality, we may be infringing upon their rights much more by giving them a responsibility that they physiologically are unable to handle.


I believe this points to an abuse being enacted right before our eyes.  Teenagers are vulnerable, as the quote indicates all too well.  By making them pawns in a political battle for 'reproductive rights’, we are in essence committing an abuse equal to that of any other type.  In reality, it is a manipulation in the worst sense.  The difference is that we as a society are turning our heads, hiding behind politically correct terms of ‘rights’ and ‘confidentiality’. 


Leading the battle cry is our school system, which gives the ‘o.k.’ via class instruction in the use of condoms on fruit (as if any human being needs that visual to figure it out), and the availability of abortion on demand via willing and legally-protected school authorities (who may at their discretion take the student off campus for an abortion without parental notice).


It's time to be realistic and adult about this.  I remember a time when whining about wanting to take part in a particular activity for which I was too young would bring the voice of reason--the very LOUD voice of reason--ringing through my ears:  You're too young.  You'll have plenty of time for 'x' when you're old enough. 


So just where are those adult voices of reason now?  In my opinion, the cowards have sunk to a never before seen low by allowing bureaucrats, politicians, school boards and teachers to be ‘The Voice’.  And according to Dr. David Walsh, the 'new voice' in their child’s ear is one that ignores a physiological truth in order to pacify an agenda. 


What a tragedy for young people.  They are not ready for such decisions, and are encouraged to exclude in those decisions the only ones who might have any real and lasting depth of concern:  their parents.  The long-term effects of bad decisions guided by non-relatives are then foisted upon a whole family, who must suffer and deal with the consequences.  If you don't believe it, talk to any woman who got an abortion at 16 at the prompting of abortion counselors or school officials.  How does that ‘counselor’ fit into her life 10 years later?  Was that person there as time went on, helping her through the unforeseen difficulties due to the abortion? 


A counselor is not a parent.  No matter how much she is ‘concerned’, she will do her job and then disappear.  In contrast, a parent is a parent for life.  Moms and dads rejoice when their child has success, and hurt when their child is in pain.  It doesn’t change no matter how old your child gets; it’s your calling and role as a parent.


Parenting is not for cowards, yet we cower in allowing others to set the moral compass of the lives of our children.  Parents, it's up to you to speak out—now!  Don't wait until your child is in the hospital fighting for life from post-abortion sepsis or bleeding…or is experiencing severe depression due to the haunting memory of a child aborted…or is reminded daily of her bad choice as she is unable to conceive due to scar tissue from the abortion. 


Get involved.  Go to school board meetings.  Speak out and be heard.  Go where cowards fear to tread.  Be an adult.  But above all, be a parent.


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