A New Summer of Discontent

J. D. Pendry

On June 24, 2006, I wrote On Your Hands.Admittedly, a bit angered when I did it.Photographs of the mutilated bodies of Privates First Class Kristian Menchaca, 23, of Houston, Texas, and Thomas L. Tucker, 25, of Madras, Oregon had just turned up in my mailbox.CNN, as did all of the others reported the story, but none of them except the websites and media owned by Islamic Nazi butchers displayed the gruesome photographs.They probably didnít show them for the same reasons the videotaped beheadings of trussed up noncombatants were never shown and why you rarely see footage of the 9/11 attacks.Instead, Americans and the world thanks to the invention of satellite communications are treated to mega doses of Rosie OíDonnell like idiocy. ††Weíre sold the message, by fools, that all evil is American made.Thatís why media and politicians treat us to pictures of naked terrorists on dog leashes as representative of who we are, but never show what is truly representative of who the enemy is.

Iím told that I shouldnít write when Iím angry.Maybe so, but as our nation enters into its sixth summer of our war for survival there is more, rather than less that tends to raise my hackles.My tolerance for nonsensical rhetoric from Washingtonian idiots and Hollywood high school dropouts while American Military Men and Women are actively engaged decreases a little bit more each day.I may be going out on a limb here, but I think that most Americans feel the same way I do.I hope that primary elections in 2008 end many political careers.

One summer later, I re-read what I wrote. ††I expected that I would find something that I should soften a little or change, but I didnít.Americaís axis of idiots is alive, well and still running at full throttle.Iíve been beat up quite a bit by those who thought I unfairly hammered only Democrats.What they couldnít see (either because they agreed with those mentioned or their actions or their hatred for another point of view was so intense) was the common thread.Itís the common thread of anti-military and anti-American action and rhetoric that still continually spills forth from them.Granted, there are some stupid Republicans out there right now as well like Chuck Hagle, but as idiotic as he often sounds and as politically driven as he clearly is, I canít find where he showed disrespect for the Troops.His rhetoric, however, has the same effect of motivating the enemy.

Many fans thought to point out to me that I was a little harsh in naming President Jimmy Carter the father of the modern Islamic Nazi movement.Most of them began by telling me what a horrible dictator the Shah was.Their rationalization I guess must be that Mullah Rule was better for Iran and subsequently the rest of the world.Of course, they never address that aspect.Mike Evans in his book, The Final Move Beyond Iraq, part of which is recapped in this article, explains in greater detail how President Carter earned the title I conferred.You may also find this Profile in Incompetence interesting, especially parts three and four.

There are a few more axis members worth mentioning.Abscam Jack Murtha called Marines cold-blooded murderers.Everyone has heard him brag about his slow bleed strategy that is meant to deny Soldiers in combat with the reinforcements and materiel they need to survive.Each day a little more of the Haditha lie crumbles away, but Murtha and his media allies who relied on their terrorist affiliated reporter, will never admit how biased, wrong and unforgivably stupid they are.United States Marines were Nifonged by a United States Congressman.I apologize, Congressman Murtha, for previously promoting you to the high rank of butt pimple.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her partner Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid continue their astute leadership of the axis.Senator Reid declared the war is lost, and declared that the Commander he voted to confirm as the leader of our Soldiers is incompetent.Imagine that, Harry Reid calling someone incompetent.Thatís nearly as funny as Jimmy Carter questioning the competency of another President Ė any President.Nancy Pelosi didnít have time to meet with our top Field Commander in the war to learn the status of what she characterizes as a grotesque mistake, but she did find time to meet with the leader of a terrorist state.When I think of you Ms. Speaker, grotesque mistake does come to mind.Our Soldiers must be truly inspired by your leadership.

ABC News continues to carry the axis banner for the media by reporting to the Mullahs that we had a covert plan for confronting Iran.As far as Iím concerned ABC provided aid to our enemies with that report, but no one seems to care too much about that.They want to focus on real national security issues like Valerie Plame.

The axis of idiots is alive and well and if Hillary gets her way, you and I wonít have a doggoned thing to say about it.

Read this inspiring post at A Soldierís Perspective and give thanks that such great Americans exist.

Copyright © J. D. Pendry 2007