Soulless Bastards

J. D. Pendry

My apologies to those of you who are offended by my title, but it expresses how I feel just now.

Throughout today, Iíve listened to ringing bells, reading of victim names, acknowledged moments of silence and heard too many speeches mourning the events of September 11, 2001.Intermingled with the mourning, I listened to excerpts from the most disgraceful conduct ever from United States Senators.

I donít know if Iíve ever heard as many accounts of where I was or what I thought then, as I have today. Iíve never shared my personal feelings about September 11, 2001, but I intend to as this anniversary day ends.A friend of mine died in the Pentagon.He subscribed to my mailing list and occasionally commented to me about something Iíd written.He was more of a professional friend than a close personal one, but in the Army we had many such friends.Heíd completed 30 years of service or close to it.His retirement ceremony was scheduled for the following week and there was no requirement for him to even be at work on September 11.His job was important and it impacted Soldierís lives across the Army.He was there to ensure that the transition of his replacement went smoothly.That is what professionals do.††† When the fuel heavy airliner hit the Pentagon, it went directly into the section holding his office.

I was out of the Army for nearly 2 years by then, but still had a number of friends working in and around the Pentagon.I sent an email to them.One by one they responded, accounting for themselves or any others they knew of and telling me what they could see from their offices.One of those emails I wonít ever forget.It was from my friendís wife.She too was a friend of mine and a career Soldier.Her note was short. She told me she had not heard from her husband and that the plane hit his section of the Pentagon.They planned to retire together from service.

On September 11, 2001, soulless bastards stole life and the future from my friends as they did from many others.Our response as a nation each passing year seems a little odd to me.We lower the flags, ring bells, put ribbons on everything, read from lists, light candlesÖ We canít get beyond mourning.I feel as sad as anyone when I consider the innocent life lost to mass murderers, but at some point and as a nation we must stop our collective mourning and engage our collective fight against this evil with every ounce of our being.The time for memorials comes after the war is won.

For the past two days, Iíve listened to another collection of soulless bastards sounding as if they are using the disgusting New York Times, ad as an outline for their shameful conduct.General David Petraeus is an honorable man.One who has dedicated his life to serving his country and is a product of a culture of service, honor and integrity.Character attributes not so obvious to self-centered, empty headed, arrogant politicians.His treatment by Democratic Senators and Republican Senator Hagle is the most despicable treatment Iíve ever witnessed of a man of his stature.Their absurd political statements merely demonstrate who they are and how low they are willing to descend. ††They are a collection of imbeciles willing to place our country and our Soldiers in jeopardy to advance their Socialist, Communist political agendas.They grew up belittling American Soldiers, never miss an opportunity to do it now, and relish the chance to be as disrespectful as possible to a man whose footgear none of them are competent to shine.I question their patriotism.I question their commitment to the security of our country ahead of their personal or party political aims and I question their loyalty and commitment to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.I question the sanity of anyone who voted for any of them as you must clearly support their actions.

We face soulless bastards on two fronts in this war for our survival - Islamic fascists and despicable politicians and their move-on supporters.If our country is to survive in any recognizable form, we must defeat the enemies of our country on both fronts.

Copyright © 2007 J.D. Pendry