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J. D. Pendry


We want you to get back to your normal lives.Go shopping, ride an airplane, donít let the terrorists disrupt your lives.If you do that, you are letting them win.We could attribute that statement to almost any elected representative thatís appeared on television news since September 11.Great advice I thought.


There is a basic leadership lesson that I learned as a private and as a NCO.Those you are leading will follow your example before they follow your words.If you preach hanging in there and then at the first sign of personal danger you skeedaddle Öwhich is what the leadership of our country did with little hesitation, you certainly mix up the message.The message this action sent to the average American is that maybe we are not so safe; maybe we are not doing so well in our war on terrorists.


I can certainly understand not going back into a contaminated building until itís properly decontaminated, thatís good sense.What I canít understand is literally shutting down our government.With the exception of our Commander in Chief and the Vice President, who remains at an undisclosed, secure location, thatís exactly what happened.In the Army, during war, every major headquarters has a backup headquarters.If the primary is unable to do the job for some reason the alternate assumes control until the primary is reestablished or remains in control if the primary is permanently disabled.It looks like the executive branch has this figured out.Thatís why the President and Vice President are operating from different locations Ė to ensure the continuity of leadership.I hate to break this news to congress, but bin Laden and boys declared war.The problem is, our congressional leadership obviously didnít get the message yet.Binnyís gang has them in a chokehold.I hope this reaction is not another leadership example of the sort weíve come to expect from the me first generation thatís been running our country for a decade.Maybe Iíll send congress a copy of the Army NCO Creed - I will not use my grade or position to attain pleasure, profit, or personal safety.Iím grateful, that the ďlook out for me firstĒ mentality has not seeped into the military.Tell me it hasnít guysÖ


America watches TV.The public gets daily reports about how the bombing intensified again today - the rearranging of the rubble piles in Kabul.There is much the American public doesnít know and canít be told although I get the impression that if the media got hold of the grid coordinates of any US troops on the ground itíd be all over cable news faster than you could say Osama.Our elected representatives need to be reassuring Americans that we are moving forward, we are succeeding and we are engaged with the enemy.Most importantly, they need to provide an example of united, tough and firm leadership that stands tall in the face of adversity.Not one that skitters away like a cockroach when the light is turned on.


What Iím seeing and hearing everyday is hand wringing and maybe this is going to take a while and oh my America is losing the propaganda war.Hell, has America ever won a propaganda war?We even loose those at home.And Itís only been about three weeksÖ


PC Cop alert.One of our sailors wrote an insensitive remark on a bomb bound for Binny land.The PC cops were all over that one.It was an insensitive comment, granted.But, dropping bombs is not a sensitive business and perhaps that sailor was just a little bit pissed that these sub human mud eaters slaughtered thousands of innocent people.PC Cops, let me give you a little insight.When military folk must ply their lethal trade of destroying other humans they tend to categorize those humans as something less than human in their minds.It desensitizes the act so to speak.Personally, I could have come up with a better expression, but I expect this sailor was a little pressed for the time to come up with some more enlightening and politically correct prose.Iím sorry if all of that seems shocking to you.


Political correctness at all costs has caused most of us to be dishonest with ourselves and with others.The things we say in order to be politically correct rarely correlates with our thoughts.It keeps us out of balance with ourselves and we never really know how others think.Thatís a sad state of affairs Ė but itís reality.The warrior culture is frank, direct and in your face.Warriors canít conceal how they feel about things, especially to one another.In their deadly business, they must know how one another thinks, even if it is insensitive and politically incorrect.


A public school teacher decided to use Binnyís mug shot for a target to drop eggs on for her physics class.The PC cops said she was teaching hate.Dear Mr. Bin Laden, you may kill thousands of us, burn our symbols and threaten our very existence but, please donít be upset if maybe we hate your guts just at little and demonstrate our hate by dropping eggs on a poster of your ugly face or by writing insensitive, politically incorrect words on our bombs, OK?We want to kill you, and your comrades in terror, but we donít want to hurt your feelings in the process.I salute that teacher.To the jokers who accused her of teaching hate, I got some news for you.The kids of this country learned what real hate is and can do on Sept 11.


I heard an interesting interview the other day.It turns out that one of our bomber commanders is a woman.Considering how old Binny and gang feel about and treat women, I think that is great Ė we just need to make sure he knows a woman is dropping the big ones on him.Then again, being sensitive to Binnyís feelings, Iím not sure allowing a woman to bomb him and the Talibums is the politically correct thing to do, unless of course sheís veiled from head to toe Ė and no lipstick.


Iím tiring of the radical rabble interviews on the street somewhere in one of the Stans Ė mostly Paki lately.They always begin their rhetoric by saying to the reporter, ďWe donít hate the American people, we just hate their government.Ē†† I donít have a CNN connection, but maybe by the magic of the Internet some of them will read this.Look bonehead, (sorry if thatís a bit insensitive) the American government IS the American people.We have a wonderful system in our country.Itís one that letís us decide who governs.Binnny, the guy you apparently hero worship, has another concept.His concept is do it his way or be dead.So to sum it up for you, if you hate America, you hate it all because itís a package deal.If you believe Binny is right then you obviously support what he and his band of mud eaters did to our country and thousands of innocent people.That makes you the same as him and to paraphrase my CINC either youíre one of us or youíre one of them.My suggestion for you is that you skeedaddle into one of those real deep rat holes with Binny and the Talibums because I suspect that a bomb with insensitive comments written on it is inbound to your location.