Shared Prosperity, Socialized Medicine and Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

J. D. Pendry

I have a strong urge to stock my bunker with several monthsí worth of food and water.†† Iím probably not sufficiently armed either.I should make similar visits to the local gun shops.The best time to enter survival mode is before one actually needs to.

Are you wealthy?Have you worked most of your adult life to support those dependent on you and to acquire the level of wealth that you do have?I went to work full time in a Chicago factory when I was 16 years old while all of my favorite politicians were attending Snob U fraternity and sorority parties.A few days short of 19, I enlisted in the Army.Oh, that was fun.Itís when Jane and John and their Snob U friends were labeling anyone in uniform as baby killers.Nothing much changes does it?28 years and few days later, I left the Army and went immediately into another job.We enlisted baby killers have to keep working because our generous Army pensions arenít adequate to provide our families with a decent standard of living, but we knew that.As I decrepitly move past middle age, Iíve proudly clawed my way up to the lower rung of upper middle class.I share my prosperity through contributions made to my Church and to other charities that actually work as claimed and that I and not some politician deems worthwhile.Politicians do not need to decide for me how I should share the prosperity that Iíve worked for and earned.Thatís Marxist Socialism, the foundation of Communism and the basis of failing economies in Europe and the demise of empires such as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.Itís what millions of illegal immigrants cross our borders to escape.Itís the Castro-Chavez approach.When politicians talk of shared wealth, it isnít their wealth theyíre looking to share. ††Itís the comparative little that you and I have managed to amass in our working lives.Yes, itíll be our wealth because the real wealth that creates jobs and wealth for those willing to work for it will leave our borders quicker than you can utter President Hillary Clinton.

Are you prepared for socialized medicine?Thereís not room here to talk in depth about health care in Canada or the National Health System in Britain, but you should take some time to research the woes of those systems and others similar, before signing up.†† Just keep in mind that with socialized medicine, there will still be better private medical care for those who can pay the cost.Wealthy politicians come to mind.Politicians can solve medical care costs without looking to you and me to share our prosperity.Recently, I had a fairly serious motor vehicle accident.My insurance carrier paid promptly for my totally wrecked vehicle and my related medical expenses.My insurance company sells policies nationwide.To get and keep my insurance premiums, they compete.They compete by providing me excellent, prompt service for a very reasonable yearly amount and I get to determine the amount of deductible that I pay on a claim.My carrier paid out more for one motor vehicle accident claim than my medical insurance carrier has paid for care for my wife and me for several years combined.Government does not need to be in the medical insurance business, nor do companies that build cars, or computers or do anything else.Insurance companies need to be in that business and they need to be able to compete on a national level as do automobile, personal property and life insurance providers.Competition between insurance companies will bring down medical care costs, but thatís capitalism not socialism and politicians canít run on the idea of making it possible for you to pay your own way.

Politicians can create an environment that enables people to acquire wealth or they can create one that makes people dependent on political promises of shared wealth.Unfortunately, most of them prefer that we are dependent.

I saw a dim glow that didnít grow much brighter as time went by.I expect it was the defective compact fluorescent bulb that holds the title of Madam Speaker.She met global warming when she traveled to Greenland, so now to preserve mankind we must all change our light bulbs Ė even the ones in the jet she rode to Greenland.What do you reckon she fueled it with?

Well, Iíve done my duty.Iíve laid out for you the three most pressing problems, according to populist politics, that our country faces.As the people who would lead our country work out solutions for those complex issues, Iíll be out in the back yard reinforcing the bunker.With time running out, there are lots of things to consider.How much and what types of food, how much water, medical supplies, what kind of surveillance equipment Iíll need during lockdown, an EMP proof room, fields of fire, dead space coverage, oh, canít forget the radiation barrier.Iíll need to research that one and get back to you. ††

Donít forget to change those bulbs now.While youíre at it, share some prosperity with the Church and charity of your choice.

Copyright © J. D. Pendry 2007