What Was In Sandyís Pants


J.D. Pendry


Have you heard the latest poll results?Itís how the liberals start conversations.ďAccording to polls, most Americans do not support the Presidentís handling of the war.ĒIím going way out on a limb here, but I bet most Americans Ė save some news junkies and the Soldiers actually in it - donít have a clue about the Presidentís or anyone elseís handling of the war.What the pollster should have asked is, ďHow do you feel about the news you hear of the war?ĒMost Americans could correctly say then that they donít like it.And, as weíre apt to say up the holler, ďIt ainít no wonder.Ē


Pop quiz.Tell me one thing American, Coalition or Iraqi Soldiers accomplished this week.Canít?Thatís my point.If you only hear bad, then everything must be bad.We must be losing so letís all go down to Crawford Texas and listen to Mrs. Sheehan.Know whatís depressing?I listen to regular news programs and all they have is the bad news.I switch on the radio and all the conservative talkers (and the bloggers now too) spend much effort and time beating up the mainstream media for their negative war coverage.With millions of listeners (and readers) each day, they could truly support the troops by offering up one or two minutes (or a paragraphís worth of bandwidth) to mention the accomplishments of our Soldiers.They only need to use a little fraction of the time and space spent telling me what the other media isnít doing to accomplish something truly worthwhile. My under construction very amateur blog gets about a whopping half-dozen visitors in a week, but I promise you all of the ďother war newsĒ that I can mine from the net.


While Iím sharing my disappointment with radio talkers let me tell you what else made me angry today.I donít often get that way, but this bothered me and the more I pondered it the more it bothered me.While working, I was listening to a nationally syndicated morning talk show - one with millions of listeners, but probably comparatively cheap advertising rates.The host of the program caught my ear while interviewing someone he identified as a retired Navy Captain, combat veteran doctor Ė with emphasis on combat veteran doctor.They were discussing the helmets our soldiers wear.The doctor said our soldiers are being killed or injured because their helmets have WWII era webbing in them.Since Iíve donned a few Army brain buckets in my time, my radar activated.Then he mentioned how the helmet rattled around on a Soldierís head and how he had to hold it on with one hand if he was moving or running.Yes, this was true - about 20 years ago.Then he mentioned how through his organization you could purchase a hundred dollar kit to fix your Soldierís helmet and save his life.Thatís when I got angry.You see, my conservative talk show host Al Frankened me (and millions of other listeners) by weaving an infomercial into a pretend support the troops interview.I even emailed him, but since Iím not one of his insider subscribers, he wonít read it.But, I donít care if he reads my message because that isnít what angers me.What really angers me, is that somewhere a parent or grandparent or the wife of a Soldier at home with children is going to spend a hundred dollars they donít have.Their going to because they were frightened into believing the life of their son, daughter or spouse is at risk if they donít.This may be a great piece of equipment, and if so, thoroughly tested at a military proving ground in competition with like items I presume.Itís a low form of life, Mr. Radio Talk Show Host that profits from Soldiers and their families whether through commercial time bought on a radio program or actually selling the stuff in this manner.It makes you a candidate for your own great American A-hole segment.


Well, looks like Newsweek will need to write another book-flushing story.Itís becoming more apparent every hour that the 9/11 Commission Report isnít worth the paper itís written on.Glad I looked at the electronic version and didnít buy the paper one.If youíre not on top of it, just Google ďAble DangerĒ.Let me summarize before you do however.In the summer of 2000, a Special Operations Intelligence Unit Ė Able Danger Ė informed officials that theyíd identified an al-Qaeda cell operating in the US and led by Mohammed Atta.This information also made its way to the Whitehouse, but because of the Clinton Administration policy was not provided to the FBI.Seems as though none of this made it into the 9/11 report although they too were briefed about it.Sandy Berger was the National Security Advisor in 2000.Do you remember when Sandy went to the National Archives to review documents while preparing for his appearance before the commission?They caught Sandy stuffing documents into his pants, socks and who knows where else.Some of those documents he admittedly destroyed.Arenít you curious now about what Sandy had in his pants when he left the archives?Now the 9/11 Commission wants to investigate itself.I think they should, but from a cell block.


Iím glad I gave up drinking.


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