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A Reflection of Society


Iíve heard it many times.The military is a reflection of our society.Itís one of those oft-employed statements whose purpose is to justify some type of conduct or behavior that might otherwise be deemed inappropriate for the military.Is our military truly a reflection of the society it protects?Sometimes it is, sometimes it isnít.When I was in the military, we called this a discussion of contemporary leadership issues.


Now that the Supreme Court has started to delve into deciding whatís culturally and socially correct as opposed to what is constitutionally or legally correct, itís a matter of time before some significant changes happen.


Thereís the topic of same sex marriages for example.The Gay rights movement is pressing this now in light of the Supreme Courtís decision to issue a ruling on sodomy laws.Itís a matter of time before the court gets involved in the same sex marriage issue and if they do, the outcome is predictable.JDís crystal ball says that somewhere along the line terminology will emerge that recognizes and legitimizes same sex civil unions.It wonít be called marriage, but will come with all of the benefits of marriage.Conservatives will accept it simply because it isnít called marriage and the liberals will accept it because it comes with the benefits of marriage and is a legally recognized union between two adults.We all know that the military is quite good at enforcing whatís legal amongst its members.So, what will you do when two of your same sexed soldiers or when one of your soldiers and a civilian of the same sex are joined in a legal union complete with a formal and recognized legal document.Iíll tell you, you going to give them family housing, health careÖ.Spouseís clubs will take on a completely new meaning.


In New York, there is a publicly funded all-gay high school.Nope, thatís not a typo I did say publicly funded.Donít you find that concept interesting?I know that if I was a NY resident, Iíd be very pleased to know that my tax dollars were being spent this way.They justify it by saying gay kids get picked on in regular schools.I went to high school too, well for a few days anyway.Using their justification, we also need to fund a public school for chubby kids, one for nerds, and one for kids with braces.If we are going to publicly fund a school for one group, then donít we need to do the same for Christians, Jews, Muslims?Wait, canít do that?Itís the Church-state thing.It also smacks of segregation.Iím sure that if this school withstands the legal challenges, or is not challenged at all which may well be the case, itís another step towards acceptance of homosexuality as itís own separate gender, race or whatever complete with everything that encompasses Ė including open service in the military.


White men canít teach.Now hereís a case where our civilian brethren can learn from us.In another high school, some parents and teachers are outraged because a white teacher might teach Black History.As far as I can tell, the basis of their argument is that to teach Black History, one must be black.Iíve been through many, many hours of lectures and participated in countless discussions on the topic of race, and gender too for that matter.I even spent time at the Department of Defense (DoD) institute, which deals with the subject while producing teachers for it at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida.Through all of this it was constantly stressed to me, by the professionally trained people who made their living teaching the rest of us, that more white men needed to become involved with teaching and bringing the discussions of race and gender to others.The reason for that, we were taught, is because the purpose of teaching Black History, as it is with Asian, Hispanic, Native American, gender topics etc., is to educate the other races and gender about their contributions and achievements.It was implied there that white men need more educating on the subjects than others do, but maybe thatís so and if it is what better way?I believe the folks at this high school need to review the DoD method, unless theyíre not interested in other races learning Black History.


Terrorism futures.Is that such a bad idea?The object is that people would bet money Ė speculate- on predicting future acts of terrorism.Some deep inside the box thinkers pounced on the idea as stupid and old Admiral Poindexter lowered his head in disgrace and rode his ship over the horizon.Can you count the number of times in history when ideas such as this were scoffed at as folly?Just sit and think about it for a minute.There are many intellectual think tanks out there.All of them filled with people of letters who spend their lives studying cultures, current events, drawing correlations and prognosticating.You see them as experts on the television news every day.Often what they tell us does happen.If we had such a system, a private club so to speak, where each person or group was certified and legitimate wouldnít that be beneficial?Look at it this way.Assume that someone like Bill Gates pulls together the best brains available on the subject and then begins to spend his billions betting on his ability to predict future terror events.Do you think heíd just be guessing?I find that difficult to believe.America would be the benefactor of someone elseís money and work.How could this not be good?Iím confused.Weíve had our problems in the military with living inside the box also.It generally costs us.


Who cares about Kobe?They tell me that Kobe is a good guy.I find that humorous.Why?A man with a wife and child does not find himself having sex with a 19 year-old in a hotel room Ė if heís in fact a good guy.I donít even have to deal with the subject of whether he raped the girl or not.The fact that he placed himself in the situation is proof to me that heís probably not the good guy many are making him out to be.I have a difficult time believing that this is the one mistake of this sort heís made.If it looks like he might be guilty; watch the piling on begin.


Now, what does any of that have to do with the military being a reflection of society?How many times have you heard someone say, he is a great soldier, he just had that one positive cocaine test.I know of many cases where leaders in the military lost their careers when one of three things were involved - sex, booze and extra-marital affairs.I was going to say sex, booze and women, but Iím trying to be inclusive here.I can think of a Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA), a couple major command Command Sergeants Major (CSM) one of which was likely in line to be the next SMA and a couple of general officers in recent memory who gave it up for sex or booze.Those are just the noticeable ones; there are many others below that level with the same problem.In all of these cases, someone was out there singing their praises as great officers and NCOs if not for this one mistake.There is a truism that one is remembered for the last thing he or she does, or in this case, gets caught doing.In these cases, our conduct may reflect that of the society, but the militaryís manner in dealing with it doesnít.I view that as a good thing.When this ends, just as all the druggies and thugs who remain in sports, Kobe will still dunk for millions.Fortunately, for our country the military is not so forgiving.


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