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J. D. Pendry


Yep, you guessed it.JDís gag meter is redlining once again.I read two articles this morning from the ArmyLINK News.I do this to try to keep up with whatís happening to the large olive drab family I left a few years ago.The articles I read are Symposium Presents Army Knowledge Awards, Army News Service, April 3, 2002, and ďKnowledge WarriorsĒ Amass at Symposium, by Patrick A. Swan, Army News Service, April, 4 2002.


Itís not the subject matter of these articles thatís redlining my meter.Nope, thatís not it at all, because I fully support maximizing the use of technology to provide soldiers with as much useful subject matter knowledge as it is possible to put out there.A well informed soldier is simply a better soldier.I believe everyone can accept that notion.


So, if it isnít the topic thatís relining my meter, what do you suppose it is?Well, Iíll cut right to the chase.Whatís redlining the old gag meter is the Army hierarchyís continued ignoring (which is a word form of ingnor-ance) of the valuable work done by enlisted soldiers and noncommissioned officers in this arena Ė one in particular.I was sort of ho humming it through the article on the knowledge awards when I came upon this one.


ďThe Most Innovative Knowledge Management Initiative award recognizes teams or individuals who have made innovative contribution toward knowledge management.All eight members of an online website designed by and for Company Commanders past, present and future, accepted this award.Ē Ė gag meter pegged


Iíve visited the Company Command site, Iíve even posted a couple of thoughts in their command net.It is a valuable site for the exchange of information for company commanders.It also offers leadership and command pontification from some senior officers, who also dabble in senior NCO bashing.What concerns me, is that the information passed through this website is valuable to only a tiny percentage of people in the Army.Those who are or will be company commanders.The website is about two years old as far as I can tell and senior officers are turning back flips and cartwheels over it.


In 1997, then MSG Dan Elder now still active CSM Dan Elder built the NCO Website.As far as I can tell, it was the first of itís kind, and has survived and grown while commercially supported similar ventures have folded up.Over the past few years, he has spent countless hours developing and maintaining an Internet site, which focuses on enlisted soldiers.


eArmyHQ is a portal.When Iím looking for information or a gate for information on most any Army subject I head there even before the Army homepage or the Army Knowledge Online site.The reason I do this is that the information on the site was developed for soldiers by a soldier.


eArmyHQ is the base for venturing into, which is the updated version of the old NCO Website.Here virtually everything NCO is available.Need to know about the NCO Academy you are headed for?Do you need a link to regulations and forms?Are you really interested in the roles and responsibilities of NCOS?


It also opens the door to the Virtual Battalion Headquarters, a site that teaches soldiers about the structure of a battalion while providing them with a functional roadmap.It has specific areas of interest for Combat Arms, Combat Support and Combat Service Support Soldiers.


Do you want a valuable first line leaderís site?Use the eArmy portal to visit the Squad Leaderís Toolkit.Itís an assembly of many valuable documents and links that will help the new or seasoned Squad Leader in performing his duties.


Are you in need of presentation material for a training class.Visit eArmyís Resource Center where you can find more than 180 training aids and pre-made classes.Did I mention that it was completely free to the user?


If youíre a Top soldier or wanting to be one someday, visitís a site dedicated to the Armyís most demanding and important job.And, you get there through the eArmy Portal.


If you want to put your finger on what soldiers and NCOs are really talking about across the Army, enter the NCO Zone, which is a very active and effective information sharing discussion forum.


You can get some humor by visiting Pvt. Murphy and enter the site for one of the Armyís most prestigious leadership associations, The Audie Murphy Club website.


There is so much information available to soldiers and NCOs through CSM Dan Elderís hard work that I could spend another several pages trying to describe it.Dan is a one-man operation that continues to go unnoticed by the Army leadership.Whatís even sadder is that it doesnít even get a mention in the Army symposium [articles] that was supposed to recognize such work.


eArmyHQ and its various sites are professionally developed, highly informative sites for soldiers.I hate to break this to the Generals who speak so highly of, but for information available and the numbers of people reached, they pale in comparison.If you donít believe me, look for yourself.