Our Country Part III


True Colors


J. D. Pendry


I donít think thereíll be a part IV in this series, but I didnít think there would be parts II and III.I started this because I wanted to explain why I believe people choose to serve in the Armed Forces of our country and why others may or may not support them.Since I served more than half my life in uniform, I figured I had as good a take on service as anyone else did.


Iíve received some interesting email - most positive, but some not.People can think and believe as they choose and speak their minds in Our Country Ė itís one reason Soldiers do what they do.Those who are not positive try first to define me.Brainwashed idiot is still my favorite Ė interpreted, if you donít think as I believe you should think you must be brainwashed.Then they define Soldiers as kids.Correlation Ė brainwashed idiots are brainwashing kids and sending them to war.


I suppose they need to define others to reinforce their anger, which determines what comes out of their mouths or in my case from their keyboards.True personalities emerge when people sidle up to keyboards.Emboldened by cyber anonymity they sometimes spew out profanity and hatred theyíd never have the courage to offer in a face-to-face discussion.My Mother, rest her soul, used to remind me that whatís inside a person determines what comes out of him.Itís about your true character showing through to the outside for everyone to see.Keyboard warriors show their true colors when they sit at their keyboards and think no one is looking at them or holding them accountable for what they say.


People show their true colors everyday.A fireman running into the World Trade Center showed true colors of a strong character built around compassion toward others, physical and moral courage, commitment and self-less service.The passengers who fought with the hijackers for control of the airplane that crashed into a field in Pennsylvania showed the same colors.They knew they might not succeed, but knew that the terrorists must not succeed.They showed the courage and commitment to make the difficult, but right choice.


People choose to help others in need everyday.Some seek publicity and recognition for their acts while others do not.Both show their true colors.For one the act is self-less and for the other itís self-centered.For example, some politicians work quietly behind the scenes to do what people elected them to do while other politicians seek out television cameras.  One's true color is service to the people that elected him and the otherís is self-promotion.


The Hurricane Katrina disaster already has many examples of people showing their true colors.Youíll see many volunteering help and contributing money as the days go by.Youíll also see con artists, looters and price gougers who look to profit from the pain of others.Weíre seeing many focused on helping the people in need and others already spending their energy looking to gain a political advantage from a disaster thatís no oneís fault.


I wrote earlier that people become soldiers for many reasons.High numbers of them choose to enlist and even reenlist during a time of war.  I make no distinction between those who serve one term of service and those who serve longer or between those who serve in the active forces and the reserve forces.All deserve respect and thanks from my family and me and from Our Country.Theyíve earned it.A person who chooses to serve knows what he or she is doing.  They know the risks and dangers, yet still show the courage to offer their services in a fight they believe is worth fighting.Theyíre not particular either.Theyíll fight for Democrats as fast as they will Republicans and protestors as fast as supporters.Theyíll fight for what they believe is right defending people they donít even know.Thatís what makes them special.Thatís why we (all factions of us) need to support them, exempt them from our silly political bickering, and manage our disagreements in a dignified manner that bolsters not harms them or their efforts on our behalf.Our true colors should be to make sure we earn and deserve the service they provide.Anything less is not support for the troops.


Like the firemen that run toward danger rather than from it, the true colors of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coastguardsmen are displayed in courage, compassion, commitment and self-less service.


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