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Our Country


J. D. Pendry



"This country is not worth dying for."Cindy Sheehan


Mrs. Sheehan, my prayer for you is that you defeat the anger that has consumed you and achieve inner peace.There is only one way I know for that to occur: Ephesians 3:14-19


In America, we are free to choose.Young men and women choose military service for many different reasons.What is important is itís a choice freely made in a free country.I suppose it would be much easier for the protestors if we had a conscript military.One filled with those who didnít want to serve and would not have chosen to serve.Itís a different generation now.While others may wane, the professional volunteers serving in our countryís armed forces wonít be swayed from their mission.The rest of America should thank God for that each day.


When I enlisted into the Army, I didnít intend to stay one day more than my three year enlistment.No matter the reason that a man or woman enters the service, what's important is why, in increasing numbers, do they stay?  Is it because they think our country is worth dying for?  No, Soldiers donít think that way.They believe, deeply, that what our country stands for is worth preserving Ė worth living and fighting for.They have a strong sense of purpose and a calling to service.They may not enlist for those reasons, but it is why they stay.


It bothers me when I hear Soldiers referred to as boys or kids - those who oppose the military and oppose war for any reasons often do it.Itís their attempt to build sympathy for their position.The men and women who, by choice, proudly serve in the uniformed armed services of our country are not anyone's kid.  A Soldier's reality vaults "kid" hood rather quickly.


I never met a soldier that defined "country" as real estate for which he or she would willingly die.  Itís more than that.  It's about a way of life that's produced the greatest country ever known to Humankind.  Itís a country worth living for.People die trying to get to America.Theyíre willing to risk death for what we have and theyíve only heard about it, never lived it.Is it worth dying for?


America is a tolerant country.  If we were not, no one would get a public forum with which to disparage our leaders and Soldiers.  We tolerate all religions and all political persuasions.  You can count on your hand the number of countries around the world that do the same.  As you're counting these few free countries, I also want you to count the number of men and women who've sacrificed to keep them free.  The countries that live and believe as we do here in America don't attack one another or us.  We are trying to pioneer that idea of freedom and tolerance into the most oppressed and intolerant region of our planet.  To survive, we must.  Yes, it is a noble undertaking.Why is it noble?The military power of the United States of America could obliterate every bastion of Islamic fascism in the world and do it in relatively short order.If we did it that way, our actions would not stand as an example of the beliefs that we hope to spread.


Iím grateful each day that I was able to spend more than half my existence on this earth with thousands of the dedicated men and women that keep our country free and moving forward.  They make it work, they defend it and the great ideals that caused it to be the best place on earth to live, work and raise families.  Unfortunately, there will always be those willing to take their share of the prize while condemning those who made the prize possible.  They walk the freedom road cleared by men and women of valor who willingly sacrifice for those who would disparage and dishonor them.


Soldiers view protestors as one might view a toddler.  Toddlers throw temper tantrums.During their little fits of anger, they tell us how much they hate us.  We pick them up, hug them, and then protect them with every ounce of our being.We protect them because we know that they are the ones who most need our protection.  If we left them to fend for themselves, the evil in this world would finish them Ė and America.


Copyright © JD Pendry



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