One-Antlered Bucks

J. D. Pendry

It was 5:30 AM on Thanksgiving eve.I turned off through the park on to my usual shortcut.It is hard to explain why I take a route that brings me to my spot in the cube farm quicker than following the geometrically laid out streets would.Maybe it is human nature to be in a hurry to get somewhere you would really rather not be in the first place.As I meandered through the park, a good sized buck deer wandered across the road in front of me, which is not uncommon here in Wild and Wonderful.When we see a buck, even if it is wandering through town, our eyes tend to zero in on his antlers so that we might try and count the antler points.It makes for a better story if you can tell your cube farm inmates that you nearly clobbered an 8 point buck, rather than saying I almost hit a deer.This buck was a bit peculiar.He only had one antler.I believe I counted 4 points on it as he trotted across the road through the shadows cast by the streetlights.A one antlered buck made for much better conversation than an embellishment about the number of his antler points.

I suppose there is any number of ways a buck might lose an antler.Wandering across the road in front of someone barely peering out of one eye with the other partially obscured by a commuter mug filled with coffee at 5:30 AM is one way to do it.Since it is blamed for every other oddity in nature, maybe global warming did it.Either that or the Bush administration caused it.Personally, I think it was a band of Internet hustlers selling ground up deer antlers for use as an aphrodisiac.

You do know that it is the season when bucks seek does? When two bucks vie for the attention of the same doe, their ruttish behavior could lead to some serious head butting.I expect what I saw was the loser of rut encounter.

One-antlered bucks are losers.Sort of like Middle East peace summits.Every President in recent memory, at least since the Carter days, thought he could bring Israel and the rest of the region into peaceful coexistence.Theyíve all failed, but not for lack of trying I suppose.Iím not particularly bright and many of my email fans have made that perfectly clear to me.It is an assessment they generally make right after I quote one or two of their political heroes or give my opinion on the history that Iíve lived.What I do know is that when things are out of whack, like that one-antlered buck, they are likely to wander in meaningless circles until such time as nature removes the other antler and they arrive back where they started having accomplished nothing.

Washington politicians, collectively, put us in a losing situation.They forgot the first rule of holes.When you find yourself in one, quit digging.We knew we were in a hole during the first Arab oil embargo brought about when we came to Israelís aid during the Yom Kippur War.Instead of working our way back to level ground, the politicians continued to dig deeper and then they started pulling the walls in around us. ††We cannot negotiate from a position of strength when we have made ourselves dependent on those with which we are negotiating.It is like a nursing baby.Mother will ultimately call the shots.

Until we are energy independent, Middle East despots and people like Hugo Chavez will call the shots.We can obliterate all of them with our military power, but we wonít and they know it.We subsidize them with oil prices that are more than 200 percent higher than they should be.We subsidize Arab regimes that believe public beheadings and flogging the victims of gang rape is normal.We subsidize regimes that fund the Madrasas that brainwash the young men that fill the ranks of al Qaeda and crash airplanes into us.†† We fund the Persian regime that has threatened to wipe Israel from the map and then come for the great Satan -the Persian regime that has sponsored terror attacks on us for decades.All of them are at war with us and on many fronts.One of those fronts is an economic war.Our politicians put us in this predicament.

We need to build nuclear power plants.We need to drill for our own oil (like the Chinese are doing off of our coast).We need to start taking oil from shale.We need to build coal to liquid fuel plants.This is our now solution.

Until we have political leaders with the courage to commit to energy independence now, we are just a one-antlered buck.†† A loser hoping for a charitable doe.

Copyright © J D Pendry 2007 All Rights Reserved