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Most Blessed Nation


J. D. Pendry


Bless - to confer prosperity or happiness upon



The most interesting graphic I’ve seen following our general election is a Mooreshite redrawing of the map of North America.  It adds the 19 states plus Washington, DC that voted for Senator Kerry to Canada and renames it the United States of Canada.  The remaining 31 United States is renamed Jesusland.  Do you reckon that was supposed to be an insult?  Christians are people who profess belief in and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.   It’s become acceptable sport in our country to ridicule them.  David Limbaugh wrote an excellent book, Persecution, on the subject if you’re interested in further study.  US of Canada I suppose, professes belief in and follows the teachings of Michael Moore.  Maybe we should rename it Mooreland.  It must’ve been a soul wrenching choice to make.  Follow Michael Moore?  Follow Jesus Christ?  What’s also interesting is that when a group so ridiculed for what they believe finally expresses, by exercise of their right to vote, that they’ve had enough, the Mooreshites can’t deal with it and respond with overused, unimaginative and stale platitudes.  I guess they expected a passive sheep-like acceptance of their values as the norm, not the roaring lion-like rejection of them they received.


Unfortunately, our society readily accepts public ridicule of Christians.  In fact, it’s accepted in a manner that our culture would not tolerate against any other group of people.  Our world communal experiment defends vigorously the lifestyle choice of homosexuality while attacking just as vigorously the lifestyle choice of Christianity.  One is glorified while it’s encouraged that the other be kept in a closet – or in the words of an ex-presidential candidate not worn on ones sleeve.


Choose to defend the definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman, wonder aloud why we don’t pay closer attention to Middle Eastern men boarding airplanes, insist that life begins at conception, or question the appropriateness of media programming accessible by children and you’ll be called among other names intolerant, racist and a religious fanatic.  Then you’ll be stereotyped as a pick-up truck driving, shotgun toting, and intellectually deficient redneck.  Such derision is the product of ignorance about Christianity and Christians.  Christianity is the most tolerant religion and Christians the most tolerant people on this earthly habitat.  Christians do not demand that anyone live or believe as they do while other religions insist that you see it their way or forfeit your head or in the case of the Mooreshites, your morals. Christians will not try to kill you if you mock Jesus Christ or ridicule his followers in books, movies or with childlike maps.  The religion instead teaches us to pray for the Mooreshites and doesn’t promise us virgins in heaven if we blow them to bits, as does a well known segment of the religion of peace.  The Christian’s method is to provide you an example, as his mission is to live in such a way that others can see Christ in him. 


When Madonna found Kabballah, shortly following her opened mouth kiss with another woman on national television, camera crews followed her around the world and the media painted her newfound spirituality in an uplifting and positive light.  When Mel Gibson made a movie about the last hours of the earthly life of Jesus Christ the same people ridiculed him as a Christian whacko nut and debated if his artistic depiction might be too violent for audiences.  I don’t recall anyone questioning the violence in Kill Bill.   It’d be quite a task to count the arms, legs and heads hacked off by a hacked-off woman with a sword.  In the Passion, they only tried to kill one man.  I’m not a preacher, nor am I a theologian, but I know that Christianity teaches Christians to expect ridicule for what they believe.  "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.  - Matthew 5:11 NIV


When one sits to consider the state of the world, or like me ponders it while driving his pick-up truck through the hills, as us shotgun toting, intellectually deficient rednecks do, he must conclude that the United States of America is the world’s most blessed nation.  We have the greatest wealth of any nation and are the world’s most generous.  In spite of what some might have you believe, we’re also the freest nation on earth.  In times of danger that could have spelled the end for us, we’ve always prevailed.


What a person must answer for himself is why are we such a blessed nation.  There are some pointers in our history, which might help a person decide.  The first settlers in the “New World” were Puritans.  Their leader, John Winthrop, said we were entering a covenant with God to create a “city upon a hill.”  He also said that the rest of the world would judge us if we ever broke that covenant, but as long as we walked with God [as a nation] we’d be able to resist our enemies.  In our own Declaration of Independence, we state, “all men are … endowed by their Creator.”  Most of us have little doubt as to who the word Creator points.  And later in the Declaration, when “appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions”, I expect the Supreme Judge from which we sought rectitude of our intentions (defined as moral integrity) was not your standard mortal variety of judge nor was it a Mooreshite.  This might infuriate the Mooreshites, but our sustained reliance on God from the beginning, is why our country continues to be blessed with good fortune.


The communist Soviet Union abolished religion.  They were a Mooreshite society.  It worked out well for them as you can see.  The ACLU (also known as the Anti Christian Litigation Union) works hard everyday to remove Christianity from America.  They’ll tell you it’s about religion in general, but it isn’t.  They direct all of their efforts toward removing God and Christian symbols from public view.  When our nation turns away, we break the covenant of which Mr. Winthrop spoke.  If you’re a Mooreshite, I expect that maybe you don’t own a Bible.  Since you are likely Internet savvy (most of us pick-up truck driving, shotgun toting, intellectually deficient rednecks are also) I’ve provided you a link to Genesis 18.  In this chapter, Abraham pleads with the Lord to not destroy Sodom.  You see the Lord’s answer to Abraham below.


The LORD said, "If I find fifty righteous people in the city of Sodom, I will spare the whole place for their sake." Genesis 18:26 – NIV


Now if you don’t know the story, I’m not going to tell you the outcome.  I’ll just advise you Mooreshites that as long as there are a few of us around, there’s still hope for you.  But, when we’re all gone…




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