Little a Americans

J. D. Pendry

Sorry, Im a bit fuzzy, maybe you can explain to us good americans why we go to war all over the world......and perhaps touch on how many people (not just americans) have died because of it? Just wondering.....Jay Dee. – posted by Felipe

This comment was sent to Post Turtles , which I wrote on July 22, 2007.  Comments such as these are manifestations of cyber courage bolstered by the anonymity of hotmail and the Internet and are generally ignored and sent to the cyber trashcan.  The posters of them are not interested in discussion.  This one wasn’t laced with the usual profanity, but does reek of the usual liberal condescension.  Felipe’s IP address originates in the UK.  I won’t post his hotmail email handle, but I’ve discovered something interesting during my years of cyber travels.  People use the same handle whether it’s for their hotmail account, in forums or other places.  I typed Felipe’s into Google and it steered me to a California gay singles site and a restaurant review written in the UK.  The review was written by someone with the same handle as Felipe’s and claiming to be from California.  Hey, I’m just sayin’…

I started to send this comment over to my friends at OWD for their thoughts, but they’re as old as me and I think some of them have pace makers - and PTSD.  I can’t afford to pay for their busted keyboards or any time in the cardiac care unit so I thought I’d chat with Felipe myself.  If I do a bad job of it, I’m sure they’ll stand me at parade rest and square away the situation.

Felipe asked me to explain to “us good Americans” why we go to war all over the world.  That implies I suppose, that Felipe is a good Americans and I am not.  First, observe that Felipe spells American with a lower case “a”.  You net savvy types know that’s an insult.  If Felipe is an American, he is not proud to be one.  Unless, of course, he is able to precede American nationality with a qualifying hyphenated identity label.   In fact, if Felipe is outside the United States, he (or she) tries hard to hide his identity and likely participates in bashing our country as all good little a Americans do.

Felipe’s America would look like Europe I expect.  High unemployment, high taxes, rampant social welfare, segregated minorities who like to riot, burn cars and bomb stuff, with economies in the dumpster and growth paralyzed by rampant socialism.  This is liberal utopia.

Felipe’s favorite European city probably resembles Amsterdam.  I visited Anne Franke’s house while I was there.  I’m sure Felipe will be the first to remind you that Anne was one of the six million Jews murdered by Hitler’s Nazis.  Unlike the Dutch countryside, Anne’s house was the one decent spot I can recall from the city.   I don’t recollect seeing many buildings outside the tourist lanes that were not covered with graffiti.  In the red light district, whores filled every window, street hawkers offered live sex shows on stage and the hash bars sold all the dope one might desire over the counter.  Felipe probably liked Dam Square the best.  It’s where their National War Memorial is.  When I was there, the base of the memorial was littered with many unsavory and un-bathed characters laying about it.  The urine stench was strong enough to provoke a gag reflex.  To be fair Amsterdam doesn’t represent all of Europe.  It is however, the destination at the end of the socialist and moral relativist highway on which Felipe and his little a American friends would like to see our country.

Why do we go to war Felipe?  Is there nothing for which you consider the act of war justified?  Liberal utopian thought patterns tell us that everyone is harmless. Unfortunately, history doesn’t support that.   If we don’t bother them, they won’t bother us.  From the beginning of our history, around one million Americans have died in wars.  Since 1973, probably forty times that many died in America alone at the hands of abortionists and you call it “free-choice”.   But I don’t imagine that thought ever occurred to you.  Killing the defenseless doesn’t resonate with you does it Felipe.  Maybe that’s why it bothers you that we’ve brought war to people throughout history who made it their quest to kill the defenseless.  The Japanese raped and pillaged Asia until they made the mistake of attacking us.  Ask the Koreans, Philippines, Chinese and others how many people lived because we came.  Ask the Central European countries?  Ask the Jews?  Ask the Cambodians and Vietnamese about the two million who died because our little a American liberal politicians abandoned them?  Ask the Iraqis about Sadaam’s mass graves, rape and torture rooms?  Ask the three thousand people whose reason for dying was that they awoke one morning in a free country and decided to go to work or take an airplane trip?

Yes Filipe, I agree that you are a bit fuzzy.  That’s how you feel when you are under the influence of liberalism.  Little a Americans like you do not deserve what good Americans have built and are willing to sacrifice to preserve for you.  But, when need be Felipe and the time comes they’ll be there to protect you.  And you won’t mind a damn bit.

Copyright© J. D. Pendry, 2007, All Rights Reserved