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I Don’t Think America Knows




Gay Bishop Hillary Gray Kobe Schwarzenegger


I belong to a group that has a problem with which we need help to resolve.  We often discuss it amongst ourselves.  We burn up the Internet, fax machines, telephones and the US Postal Service communicating the problem to our elected representatives.  We’ve made some progress on it, but still there is no resolution.  Most of our politically motivated representatives tell us how adamant is their support for us.  Many of them actually placed their names (90 percent of them at last check) as co-sponsors of legislation to fix the problem.  By doing this, they acknowledge that there is a problem that needs fixing.  They’ve done this continually for years.  Each legislative year, however, they fail to correct the problem.  Their support for us peaked just before the 02 elections.  Right after we voted them back into office, they shelved our problem – again.


I think that my comrades and I have been taking our problem to the wrong audience.  We need to change our approach.    It’s quite clear the politicians do not see us as a voting threat even though when counted along with our families and supporters our numbers easily reach into the millions.    We need to stop looking for help from the politicians.  If the American public knew of the injustice of our situation, the pressure on politicians to fix the problem would be more than they could continue to ignore.  To resolve our problem, we need to educate Americans about it.  It’s an approach that works for every other group in the world, why not ours.


I thought about how one would accomplish such a thing as bringing an injustice to the knowledge of the American people.  Especially when the budget for such a thing is exactly zero dollars and the staff to accomplish it consists of me.  I came up with a plan, albeit no doubt a naïve one.  It is however, the only plan I have so I’m going with it.


I often listen to talk radio while working and during my one-hour commute.  I listen to our local talk guy Tom Roten who calls himself the Straight Shooter.  He rants a little too much at times and gets upset when someone spells his name wrong calling him Tom Rotten, but he’s tolerable and most of his views are on track with what’s right for America.  I also listen to the nationally syndicated shows.  Rush Limbaugh, the conservative talk king, who professes that he’ll take the liberals on with half his brain tied behind his back from his Excellence in Broadcasting Network.  Sean Hannity, support the troops, Let Freedom Ring, the freedom concert and the self-proclaimed weapon of mass instruction for liberal girlie men.  Glenn Beck of Rally for America fame, Support the Troops and duct tape your head.  Rusty Humphrey who claims to be the fastest growing show on the radio and if you disagree with him hang around a while and you’ll figure out why you’re wrong.  Michael Savage also claims the fastest growing title.  I don’t listen to him much anymore because the substance of his program is often lost in the method used to deliver it.  Other than talk radio, I occasionally watch Bill O’Reilly’s program on television.  He does a good job of addressing these kinds of issues in his “No-spin Zone”.  These gentlemen have the attention of millions of daily, loyal listeners and viewers.  Since they all profess their pro Americanism, support for the troops, but mostly pro fairness I figured they’d be a great group to bring our message to America.  As I said, I’m a little naïve in such matters, but what the hell.


I do have some things in common with some of these gentlemen.  Several of us have books published.  We have that in common as well as the fact that (unless you count that Limbaugh book, The Way Things Ought To Be, but that was a long time ago) I haven’t read theirs and they certainly haven’t read mine.  And, as they all claim to be, I too am pro America, pro veteran, pro military, pro fairness… and, although I’m not certain I’d wager we are all registered, conservative, voting Republicans and I think we all agree that people who didn’t pay taxes shouldn’t get a tax rebate.  I figured since we have so much in common that we are practically buddies; I’d just add their email addresses, minus Savage, to this issue of BunkerTalk.  OK, I’ll include Savage too.  Maybe he’ll mention our problem while he’s cussing me out.  I can endure that for the cause.


Actually, I sent some of them an email before on this subject.  I’m sure that they get thousands of email messages of which they scan what a screener picks out and sends to them.  To quote Mr. O’Reilly, “send us your piffy comments”, interpretation – one liners that compliment the host or gives him the opportunity to body slam you with the last word in front of millions.  Alas, I got no response to my first attempt to have one of them mention the issue to a national audience.


One night not too long ago, I was listening to the Rusty Humphrey show while doing some work here at my computer.  Low and behold Mr. Humphrey chose to talk about veteran’s benefits.  Since I am one, I listened a little closer to his program than it’s normal function as background noise.  Sadly enough, Mr. Humphrey’s knowledge of his chosen topic of the night was severely lacking.  A caller tried to explain our problem to him.  For his effort he got an uh huh or two before being replaced by another caller which allowed Mr. Humphrey to rant some more.  Being the helpful person that I am, I crafted a short message giving our talk show host some useful information about the subject and sent it to him.  I figured he’d be grateful for the education.  The next day I actually got a reply.  Maybe Rusty isn’t big enough yet to have a screener select his emails for him or maybe he simply enjoys sending out smart assed replies.  Maybe he has email courage.  His reply to me was a terse, “I talked about this subject YESTERDAY!”  My first inclination was to tell him yes, and your lack of knowledge was painfully obvious, but instead, I responded, “Thank you for your REPLY!”


I thought that I might try a new approach this time.  That explains why I changed my name for this issue to Gay Bishop Hillary Gray Kobe Schwarzenegger.  I figure with a name like that, they’d have to give my email a look.  Especially since they’ve milked those names for hours of broadcast time recently.  I guess I could add Crazy Jack Whitaker to my name also.  He’s the Wild Wonderful West Virginia Powerball winner that went to a local clip and strip joint and left $545,000 lying in the front seat of his Lincoln Navigator.  Of course, we wouldn’t have known that unless he’d been robbed.


OK you kings of talk, seekers of truth, supporters of America and all around good guys who are only interested in doing what’s right (that is what you want us to believe isn’t it?) while selling me a sleep-comfort mattress here’s your opportunity to grab a real injustice and insist that someone do something about it.  It’s time for some straight shooting, excellence in broadcasting, mass instruction, no-spin and if you disagree Rusty, hang around and you’ll figure out why you’re wrong.  Mr. Beck, you just may want to duct tape your head before reading this.  Here’s what I think America doesn’t know.


I don’t think America Knows:



That’s enough from me on the problem.  Now I truly don’t expect that a single one of these talk show personalities will read my email much less bring it up as an issue for discussion on their programs.  If they are interested, all they need do is have one of their staff go to their favorite Internet search engine and type in “Concurrent Receipt”.  They should then contact their favorite member of Congress, who likely is a co-sponsor of legislation that would right a 112-year-old injustice and ask them about it.  I know that I’ve written to mine, Senator Robert “Sheets” Byrd (D), Senator Jay Rockefeller (D) and Congresswoman Shelley Moore-Capito (R), and they all have assured me they intend to see this injustice fixed.  In fact, they’ve told me that several times.  I’d also suggest to them that they contact one of the National Veteran’s Service Organizations for their view if they are truly interested in fairness and supporting the troops.  I believe one of those Hannity Shootouts between a Department of Defense minion and a Veteran’s Service Organization on this issue would be big fun.  But, none of this will ever happen.  What I expect is no acknowledgement, no airtime, no mass instruction.  But, I needed to take my shot and we need you to take yours.


The bottom line is still the same, if we want to see this issue fixed, we must bring it to the American Public.  Send this issue of BunkerTalk around the Internet a few times, maybe the American public will finally hear about this injustice to America’s defenders and ask the political leaders of the country why.  Write your local newspaper and television stations.  It’s only when America knows about it that the problem will be resolved.


Copyright © 2003, JD Pendry