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JD for Guvner


I think I could hold my own with the likes of Gary Coleman but, Iíd probably loose to the porn queen and the other action movie star.I donít think Wild Wonderful politics make it to the national news media often, so sit back and prop your feet up while Iíll tell you about Guvner Bob Wise and friends.


Guvner Bob, a Democrat, had a fling with (at least) one of the female hired help.Does that sound familiar?Unfortunately for Bob, he was busted.Her husband discovered and reported the affair.The inquiry, by whoever does such things, verified the event and turned up some real smokiní email between the two.If there is a lesson in this, itís donít send your red hot love note email on the government system.Guvner Bob now meets the qualifications to run for president on the Democlinton ticket.Bob does have one small problem that could disqualify him however.He admitted that he did have sexual relations with that woman.We donít know yet about the level of air gulping, ala Hillary, experienced by the un-Wise spouse.


Guvner Bob decided that he will not seek reelection in 04 and the millionaires are signing up for the job.That is probably a wise move (no pun intended) here in the unforgiving Bible Belt.We continue however, to send Bobby ďSheetsĒ Byrd back to Washington.As far as we know, heís been faithful to wife and dog, so we forgive him for being an idiot and an Ex-Klansman.Albeit an idiot that brings as much pork as is possible to the state.Itís pork however, that does little to help the average West Virginian.The Democrats have been in charge of Wild Wonderful for all of my life.Sheets, Jay Rockefeller and assorted Guvners and Congress people have had great success for us.Theyíve moved us from 39th to 49th in per-capita income while watching the state depopulate of both people and businesses.We bottom dwell in most other measurable things as well.I do have to give Guvner Bob some credit for his achievements in office.He did bring us Nascar license plates.


We have achieved one number 1 rating.Weíre first in obesity.Our states largest employer is Wall-mart and other service oriented professions.Mostly itís fast food and other semi-fast food establishments.So we work at Wall-mart, eat at Biscuit World, get fat and reelect Sheets.Maybe itís something in the Biscuit World gravy.So there you have it, the political and commerce view of Wild and Wonderful.Makes you want to move here doesnít it?I must admit, the quality of living here far outweighs the idiocy of how the state is mismanaged by inept politicians (probably happens in your state as well).For example, we have once beautiful green mountains that are now piles of mud left from mountain top removal coal mining.


Did you ever consider why our military is so great?Let me tell you why it is.Our leadership, from top to bottom, has a real connection with the led.Sometimes, if youíre a Private, you think it doesnít, but it does.That link between the leaders and the led is the great corps of noncommissioned officers.Itís great, because someone who has literally walked a mile in their shoes leads the junior soldiers in our Armed Forces.There is that unbreakable connection between leader and led that tempers decision making.Lifeís experiences taught the leaders the impact that their decisions have or will have on the led.That is where politicians can learn from us.


A third-world country is one defined by a ruling elite class, a dirt-poor class with no jobs and no industry to provide jobs and with the important middle class missing.Imagine the military without a noncommissioned officer corps. Parts of Wild and Wonderful meet the third-world definition.


Rare is a politician that is not a millionaire.Most of them born not made.They are the ruling class who runs our country.Often itís into the ground, but they run it all the same.The great middle class of butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, teachers, policemen, firemen, factory workers, etc are the people who make the country run - in spite of the politicians.Many of this great middle class made the journey from that dirt-poor environment to get where they are.This is the noncommissioned officer corps of the civilian world.When that class is removed from the picture, things just donít work as they should.The leaders get out of touch with the led, and their decision making further widens the chasm between the two.


Unfortunately, our system of politics rarely allows a member of this strong middle class to achieve a position of political leadership.There are plenty of reasons why it should.For example, that butcher or policeman knows what itís like to worry about having the cash to fix the car when it breaks or money to cover other emergencies.They know what itís like, for example, to pay the outrageous automobile insurance premiums that we pay here in Wild Wonderful because we live in tort hell or better described, trial lawyer heaven.They know what itís like to send a child to a public school while praying he isnít shot today.They know these things, but likely will never hold a position where that experience can help others.There are reasons.Most donít have the stomach for it and prefer work they can see, feel and touch.The biggest reason, however, is that none of them are millionaires nor are they famous names.Face it, Gary Coleman and a porn queen got national media attention.Gary Coleman?I can see it now, Debbie Does Sacramento.


When I move up the road a few miles to the Guvnerís mansion, the first thing Iím going to do is appoint me a group of advisers from the butcher and baker population.They may not know the political workings of state government, but theyíll be able to give me a stupid check on my brilliant schemes.Iíll have a noncommissioned officers corps in the state house.What do you think?


JD for Guvner.


Copyright © 2003, JD Pendry, All Rights Reserved