Granny Nan


J. D. Pendry


But when I was silent and still,

not even saying anything good,

my anguish increased.

My heart grew hot within me,

and as I meditated, the fire burned;

then I spoke with my tongue.Ė Psalm 39:2-3


Normally, I just question the motives of politicians Ė all brands of them.I question their intellectual capacity too.Not that I consider myself particularly brighter than any of them, but often I feel more in touch with our country and its place in world events than the grasp I see demonstrated by many politicians.Either they are completely ignorant or by choice they ignore reality in favor of politics or for some other self-absorbed motive.Now, I have reached the point of questioning the sanity of some of them as well.Not only is the Rosie O. mentality available to us on television, its also coming to us from the halls of Congress and directly from the lips of Granny Nan, a.k.a. Madam Speaker.


Itís Easter and itís supposed to be a time of renewal.Itís the time for Christians to revisit the basis for our religion, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.Itís Spring.Flowers are blooming, trees are budding and new weeds have invaded the lawn.Over here in Wild Wonderful, global warming reared its ugly head.Many of our flowering trees, like Dogwoods are losing their blooms to an Easter freeze.Thereís no shortage of people that take on the environment as their religion.There is also no shortage of them to tell you that Christianity, the resurrection and the Holy Bible are just myths and folklore.People like Rosie O. and other entertainers hope to put Christianity in the closet and bring their deviant behavior out of it.They tell us what we believe is myth, although well documented historically, and expect us to accept that the lives they follow are steeped in reality.Reality?From people who earn their living pretending.


As you can see, Iím a bit scatter brained today, but with some luck I might tie a couple of thoughts together.The Pastorís sermon this morning was rather matter of fact.The title of it was Should We Close Up Shop?He spoke about the Hollywood director who claims he found the tomb of Jesus and family in Jerusalem, a story sounding too much like the DaVinci Code.The message was, if we believe Hollywood (my words, not the Pastorís) then we should shut the Church doors and go home.Christianity is over.But, isnít this their goal?Rid the earth of, as Rosie puts it, ďradical Christianity.ĒOr, at a minimum, marginalize it.Interestingly, itís a goal shared by people who prefer to spend their time killing us rather than spending it making mockumentaries of our beliefs.Itís acceptable for tolerant liberals to mock Christianity.Unlike Islam, we pray for them instead of lopping off their heads.As you can see, the Preachers thoughts often make my mind take turns he may not have intended.Iím certain that it will come as a shock to him that there might be a wandering mind or two in the congregation.


Isnít there also a basis for our country?One that we should examine periodically and decide whether itís valid.Do we live up to our stated purpose found in the Declaration of Independence?Our laws based on our Constitution?


Granny Nan visited some of the people whoíve made it their goal to destroy us Ė all of us not just us simple-minded Christians - and have killed many Americans in the process.Some think she may have committed a felony while doing it.


The Logan Act makes it a felony and provides for a prison sentence of up to three years for any American, "without authority of the United States," to communicate with a foreign government in an effort to influence that government's behavior on any "disputes or controversies with the United States."Robert F. Turner, Wall Street Journal, April 6, 2007.


The media is not going to demand an investigation.Congress is not going to initiate one.Thereíll be no special prosecutors.There will be no calls for impeachment, as most Americans donít have a clue.As the Preacher said, if we cannot accept the basis for what we believe, then we should just quit it, which brings me around the block and in through the back door to where I began.The basis of our country is law.The purpose of our elected officers is to defend and uphold the law and to be the example for the rest of us.So where does that leave Granny Nan?Are we to assume that she is too ignorant to know that foreign policy belongs to the Executive Branch of Government and that as the third in line to the Presidency she shouldnít be visiting state sponsors of terrorism and giving them a propaganda coup?Or, should we assume that she didnít know that there is federal law prohibiting her acts?Or, should we assume that she knows these things and still put on a headscarf and went off to surrender America and submit to Islam.If, so, the only question left is the matter of her sanity.After all, she does hang out with Jack Murtha.Keep the headscarf handy Nan.The way weíre progressing, closing shop may not even be a choice.


Iíll be traveling for the next two weeks and monitoring email when I can.I expect my next post to be April 29.That is unless some time is available for a short note.I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your families and that your blessings are many.


Luke 23:50 Ė 24:12


Copyright © 2007 J. D. Pendry