Do The Right Thing

J. D. Pendry

Victory Surrender at all costs, victory surrender in spite of all terror, victory surrender however long and hard the road may be; for without victory surrender and defeat of the United States, there is no survival chance for a liberal political victory no matter how short-lived the following celebration might be.  -Winston Churchill The United States Congress

Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.   –Mark Twain

I keep having the same nightmare.  I see Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer, with that no one is home look in their eyes, wearing love beads and peace symbols with daisies in their hair standing in front of the Whitehouse fence.  Behind them stands Harry Reid wearing little green rectangular sunglasses with a dirty bandanna tied around his pointy head and strumming on a guitar.  Along with a chorus of Congressional backup singers, he drones out the melody all we are saying is give peace a chance.  John Kerry raises a defiant fist into the air and tosses someone else’s military medals over the fence.  Murtha is hoping to cut another deal with an Arab.  The audience is a collection of black turban wearing mullahs holding large serrated knives.  They don’t appear at all amused.

That Boxer woman is piece of work isn’t she?  I believe she is in competition with Nan Pelosi for the title of most whacked out Congressthing to ever escape from California.  I recall her belittling attack on Secretary Condoleezza Rice during a Senate charade, also called a hearing. 

“Who pays the price? I'm not going to pay a personal price. My kids are too old, and my grandchild is too young. [To Secretary Rice] "You're not going to pay a particular price, as I understand it, with an immediate family."


How’s that for a demonstration of Motherly concern -concern that she apparently cannot transfer to the children being murdered every day in Iraq.  Actually, Ms. Boxer wasn’t concerned about anyone’s children.  She wanted to be as liberally disrespectful as possible to Secretary Rice.  At the same time she’d have us believe she was concerned about the Men and Women volunteers who fill the ranks of our Armed Forces and the parents and other family who watch them choose to become Men and Women of honor committed to something greater than self.  The other day, before I could find the remote and switch the channel, I was treated to an excerpt from one of her incomprehensible Senate diatribes.  In the sound bite, she complained about how much money we’d spent and how many lives we have lost fighting George Bush’s misguided war.  Then she asked, “When are we going to have the guts to do the right thing?”

If you listen to any news at all, some talking head or politician will repeatedly remind you that according to one pollster or another, a huge percentage of Americans want to quit Iraq.  Pollsters are actually running the United States nowadays because the politicians we elected are unable to make informed and principled decisions on our behalves.   I don’t need a pollster to tell me that 100 percent of Americans want to leave Iraq.  I just don’t think they want to leave on Ms. Boxer’s, or for that matter, the entire Democrat Congress’ terms.   My question for Ms. Boxer and the others who have sold their souls for political power is what exactly the right thing to do is – that also requires guts?

Ms. Boxer and many of her political colleagues, not all of them Democrats, hold the same disdain for our country and our military as does this idiot.  Mr. Rall is a manifestation of the rhetoric coming from the mouths of polidiots.   Durbin’s Nazis, Kerry’s illiterates, Kennedy’s torture chamber operators, Rangle’s downtrodden, and Murtha’s cold blooded murderers.  They speak it, he draws it.    It shouldn’t surprise anyone.   According to the pollsters most of us must be OK with it. 

Stupid people do and say these things when they have no concept of the real enemy faced or the ramifications of just quitting.  Disparaging someone that you know will not harm you does not require guts.  In fact it is the most obvious demonstration of cowardice one might come across.   I looked, but was unable to find the courageous Mr. Rall’s Mohammed cartoons.

In the first part of my nightmare we did Ms. Boxer’s version of the right thing and immediately withdrew from Iraq.  Shia Iran and the Shia Iraq began their religious genocide of the Sunnis.  The Turks invaded Northern Iraq to take out the Kurds and grab the Northern oil fields.  Sunni Saudi Arabia, Sunni Syria and Sunni Jordan refused to stand by and watch the Persian led Sunni genocide in Iraq.   The entire region imploded.  Western economies dependent on Middle Eastern oil collapsed.  President Hillary agreed to terms with the Mullahs, backed by Russian and Chinese nukes, who were now running the new caliphate.

My nightmare always end the same way.  In a cold sweat, I run out to the bunker and check my food, water, medical and ammunition supplies.  If you need me, that’s where I’ll be.

Copyright © J. D. Pendry 2007