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Dancing in the Streets


J. D. Pendry


Kill Americans.  That’s the mantra.  Kill them anywhere you can and anyhow you can.  They burn our flag, disrespect our culture, disrespect our President and detest everything for which we stand.  It started with the Islamic fanatics, but it’s a mantra being acted out everyday by those who claim to be our civilized friends.  Just sit and ponder that thought for a minute.  Then think back to 911 and recall the images.  Recall the crumbling Twin Towers, the burning Pentagon and the images from the Middle East of people dancing with joy in the streets.  Recall the images you’ve seen many times of Mullahs with seventh century minds teaching children that their path to glory is paved with dead Americans.  Our own media glorifies homicide bombers by referring to them as suicide bombers implying that they’ve just completed a noble deed of sacrifice.  They call terrorists “fighters” which is a term reserved for one with a noble cause.  And what’s their cause?  Kill Americans.  They are criminals and murderers as is Saddam Hussein.  Hate for America is necessary for them, all of them, because our system works where theirs fails and they cannot accept that.  We are the fighters.  We have the noble cause.


Many of our celebrities (made so from our attention and money) call our action to prevent future attacks on America unjust and immoral.  I’m saddened a little more today.  I really did like the Dixie Chicks music until their lead singer stood on a stage in a foreign country and told a foreign audience that she is ashamed of her President.  Well Chicks, I’m ashamed of you and the only Wide Open Spaces I can think of now are between your lead singer’s ears. Our left leaning politicians including some former presidents are joining the celebrities.  President, “I-didn’t-inhale-and-I-never-had-sex-with-that-woman” Slick Willie Clinton, who is still trying to figure out the meaning of the word is and who’s lack of spine and Cruise Missile diplomacy created the current situation is joining the feeding frenzy.  Advancing the party once again has a higher priority than securing the country.  Sad isn’t it.  No, it’s a disgrace.  They are so mindless that they do not know what their statements mean to the soldiers sitting in the desert and to their families.  Just as soldiers didn’t understand Jane Fonda, they don’t understand these pinheads.  They’ll do the job as always, then they’ll come home and then they’ll remember.  They’ll remember with their wallets and their votes.  They’ll remember who helped them and they’ll remember who helped kill Americans.


I guess what most bothers me is the piling on.  Terrorists kill Americans and along with them, every robe-wearing fanatic in the Middle East wants to kill Americans and destroy Israel.  To help us out, our civilized European friends call our President a cowboy and our direct approach to dealing with threats as arrogant.  I believe saying that you’ll veto any resolution from the US no matter what it contains, better defines arrogance.  It’s interesting that I see Jacques lips moving, but hear Saddam’s words coming out of his mouth.  What really makes me ill is that I sense strongly that some of our friends and some of our elite citizens and politicians want to see a failure.  Yes, they do and it’s sick.  We have citizens and politicians that would dance in the streets with joy at an American failure in Iraq.  Of course, an American failure in Iraq means many lost American lives.  Maybe they can’t see that far into the future.


I find it interesting that the axis of weasels, France, Germany, China and Russia admit that Iraq is responding to inspectors, albeit in dribbles, only because they are under threat of a US led military strike.  They admit this, but do you see any of their military forces helping to apply the pressure.  Then they offer that we can contain them, but you don’t see them providing anything but a roadblock to that.  Certainly, they are not providing any troops.  They repeatedly state that the inspectors haven’t found any weapons of mass destruction or proof of them.  When contemplating this, I break it down into its simplest form.  That is, do I believe what Colin Powell tells me or do I believe what the Butcher of Baghdad tells me.  I do agree with the weasels on one point, however, we need more inspectors to get the job done.  Our President agrees with that too, that’s why he has 250,000 of them standing ready to carry out a thorough and unconditional inspection of Iraq.  The weasels fear our inspection.   Here’s why.  Saddam signed billions of dollars in oil contracts with the Chinese, French and Russians all payable with the lifting of UN sanctions.  It’s documented that French companies have been dealing with Iraq and sold them spare parts for their Mirage fighters within the past few months.  Some of those fighters we know were equipped to spray chemicals.  The Chinese provided them with chemicals needed to make fuel for long-range missiles.  The Germans sold them the mobile bio-labs along with other multi-purpose equipment.  The Iraqis are great bureaucrats, we’re told, who keep great records.  These records should prove interesting.


Our friends question that since Saddam hasn’t done anything to anyone lately why should we do anything to him now?  That’s an interesting argument.  It’s like telling Mike Tyson you punch me first.  I’m sorry folks, but the first punch was thrown and we took it right on the chin.  Our job, and our President fortunately sees it clearly, is to remove the potential for future punches.  The appeasers ask, but does that mean that later we have to take on Iran and others?  No, I expect they’ll get the message.  But, what about North Korea cries Chicken Little?  North Korea has been doing what it’s now doing for years.  Kim Jong-il is not very bright, but he is probably not suicidal.  He can fire all the missile tests he wants, but he knows that if he attacks anyone he’s history.  He’s just trying to get attention, and the method he is using is the only one he knows how to use.  He’s a dictator like our friend in the desert.  Deceit, fear and intimidation are the extent of his communication skills.  North Korea is contained, but they’ll get the message also.  That message, thanks to the focused leadership of our President, is that you cannot threaten America – period.  Don’t you find it interesting that our friends and some of our own politicians insist that we deal with Iraq through the United Nations and then from the other side of their faces say that North Korea is an American problem.  I hope all of you have a clearer picture of how this works than I do.  What I do know is that the UN has failed more than it’s succeeded.  Bosnia, Rwanda, Sudan…  It failed, because it failed to act as it is now failing to act.


I’m no great predictor of the future, but I do try to make my way through all of the news reports and listen to all of the experts that parade across the news channels.  My thought is that the summit in the Azores is the final war and aftermath planning of the leaders with the backbone to enforce the World’s resolution.  They’ll pass out two ultimatums.  One for our friends in the UN and another for our friend in the desert.  I also predict that when I sit down to my computer next Sunday morning and try to think through what’s transpired, we’ll be conducting a thorough, unconditional inspection of Iraq.  I also predict some dancing in the streets by Iraqi citizens and some major embarrassment to our friends, some politicians and much of Hollywierd.


Godspeed to our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.