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Being Us?


J.D. Pendry


Will someone knowledgeable, preferably a follower of the Islamic faith write to me and tell me about Islam?I need to know the truth about your religion because right now in my mind the most practiced tenet of your faith is indiscriminate murder.Each day since 9/11, I have been waiting for a prominent Muslim Imam to take the world stage and tell the rest of us (and the killers) that murder is not the way of your religion.Their silence makes it harder for you to convince me (and the rest of us) it isnít so Ė if you desire to convince me.Their silence and your complicity are permanently defining your faith.


Free people will tire of seeing their families murdered.When that happens, I fear all Muslims might pay for the deeds of a few.If you study some, youíll learn that not all Germans were Nazis, yet all German people suffered tremendously for Nazi deeds.Western society is decent, civilized and peace loving.We built our countries on freedom and religious tolerance.Here, you can be Muslim and live in peace with Christians, Jews and other faiths.Do you want your family and faith held hostage by murderers who want to spread a Taliban Theocracy across the world?


The majority of us thinks clearly and knows that not all Muslims are terrorists.Unfortunately, the image burned into our minds is that all terrorists are Muslim.What we donít see are decent Muslim people standing with us against terror.Except in Iraq, where Muslim terrorists are killing Muslims everyday Ė even innocent children not yet old enough to know life.Itís time to stop it.The leaders of Middle Eastern countries and the leaders of your faith must openly stand against terror.If you donít choose to stand against terror, your silence and inaction means you stand for it.If you stand for it, youíll suffer and die with it.


While youíre being a silent terror spectator, we are busy being us.Sometime after the Abu Grhaib fiasco, I wrote I Gotícher Apology.I got some nice emails for several weeks afterwards.One from a prominent Vietnam Prisoner of War who thanked me while pointing out that the North Vietnamese never bothered to apologize for torturing him and other Americans.I also got some not so nice letters that insisted we couldnít do those sorts of things because if we do, we become terrorists.I donít disagree with that, but after the beheadings and bombing in London (and Spain), Iím starting think that ďbeing usĒ is not getting the job done.


Being us means that Quagmire Ted Kennedy broadcasts to the world that weíve reopened the torture chambers in Iraq.It means that the news media, worshiped by many of our politicians, can be aghast that someone mishandled a Koran (paid for with my tax dollars) while insisting that Christ in urine (also paid for with my tax dollars) is art, but displaying the 10 Commandments is criminal.They follow up with a comparison of our Soldiers to the worldís most notable mass murderers.They bemoan our treatment of killers, while demanding that we withdraw from Iraq.The killers emboldened and encouraged by politicians, the press, and weak-kneed Spaniards reward our efforts by murdering innocent Londoners on their way to work.Thatís the price of being us.


Being us also means that we must obey all of the rules written for civilized people and countries.The problem is, our enemies arenít civilized, are of an ideology not a country and the rules we must follow were not written for their war.


Out here in the country, we occasionally have forest fires.Sometimes, after clearing a firebreak, the firefighters set a backfire.It causes the fire to burn itself out.We fight fire with fire.Soldiers know that in order to succeed, you have to fight the war youíre in and use the enemyís tactics to his disadvantage.Thatís why our Soldiers on the battlefield are successful.Our political leaders, however, are slow learners.


We are fighting an ideology that by its own teaching cannot exist on this planet with another ideology.It only offers a world under Taliban rule (what Ted Kennedy and the ACLU tells us to fear from Christians).The Presidentís plan of countering that ideology with one of freedom and democratic government is good.I have only one problem with it.I donít have 25 years to wait for it to take hold.I do not want my Granddaughter to grow up in fear of fanatical idiots blowing her to bits.


If you want to take out an ideology of terror and intolerance, you must take out the heart of it.For years, the madrassahs have brain washed children to hate and kill infidels; theyíve bred the terrorists that killed people before, during and after 9/11.They teach intolerance and hate while preparing their apprentice terrorists for life in the 7th century - a brainwashing thatís permeated the countries of the region.


We have to take the fight to the heart of our enemy.If the countries of these madrassahs will not shut them down, we must.We can kill and capture fanatics by the thousands, but all for naught if we donít destroy the factories and the Imams that produce them.We need to stop being us and let our enemies experience terror.




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