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Average America and the Unknown Candidates


J. D. Pendry


I read an interesting article in the Sunday morning paper.The gist of it was that members of the Democratic political party couldnít understand why President Bush maintains such a high approval rating from Americans.As I scanned the article, another report I heard during the week came to mind.The report said that during a recent poll 66% of the Americans responding could not identify even one of the Democratic candidates for President.I thought that there must be some correlation here.The Democrats do not know why or how the President is able to maintain his popularity with the average American and the average American doesnít know the name of any Democratic candidates for President.


I consider myself an average American.However, as many liberals do when speaking, I donít portend to speak for average America, only for myself.Out here in average America, people put in a days work for a dayís pay.Itís work that too often is the difference between living in a house and living in a box over a steam grate.In this environment, where many things do not come easy, a person is particular about who he wants in control of his life.He is also quite particular about to whom he gives his trust and itís rare to fully trust anyone, especially one who earns his living as a politician.


I certainly do not want to give the Democrats a tactical edge here, but it may be helpful for them to listen to a little average American logic.I ask those who do not understand why our President remains popular two simple questions.Who do you trust?Why do you trust them?The Democratic icon is Bill Clinton.A proven liar, a womanizer and one of demonstrated low moral values.Yet, he and his sidekick Hillary, spend more time in the public eye than do the unknown Democratic presidential candidates.It may not be fair, but when this average American thinks Democrat, he thinks Bill Clinton.Iím somewhat of a news junkie, so I hear or read about what most of the candidates have to say.Iím still waiting for that one Democratic candidate to stand up and say that we need to revisit our values and distance ourselves from the Clinton legacy.None have, none will.On the other hand, our President is an avowed man of faith and accepted as having a high moral character.There is not much of a decision to make about in which one might place his trust.


To gain trust, a person must demonstrate that he is trustworthy.President Bush does that.The Unknown Candidates do not.Here are a few examples of why.President Bush tells the average American that heís paying too much money in taxes and he aims to change that.By reducing our taxes, he believes that he will stimulate the economy causing things to be better for average America.Heís already started and continues.He demonstrates doing what he promises heís going to do.The Unknown Candidates choose to criticize the Presidentís plan without offering an alternative plan or even suggesting some of their modifications to his.If your only plan is to criticize the plan of another, then you have no plan of your own and the average American sees that.The result is that he places his trust in the person with a plan that has his interest at heart.


President Bush made it clear to the world after our major terror event that the focus of his presidency is to rid the world of the threat of terror and to protect America from it.Heís maintained his focus on that while the Unknown Candidates mostly criticize his efforts.Theyíre dying to find an issue from which to base their candidacy that might catch the ear of average America, but hereís the bottom line. The economy, healthcare and education (all of which the President has put forward plans for) are important issues, but do not mean squat if youíre blown to bits while spending your tax refund at the mall.Average America does not live in walled and protected communities or private compounds.They place their trust in who they see making an effort to protect them and view with skepticism anyone who is critical of that effort.The President is speaking about and dealing with the safety of Americans daily.Instead of helping that effort, the Unknown Candidates criticize it.Who are you going to trust?


In my Average American existence, I want a leader running my country.The leader must live up to my expectations.He must be someone I can trust.He gains my trust by demonstrating integrity, high moral character and looking out for me.I am the only reason he exists in his position of leadership and he needs to acknowledge that often by words and deeds.He must be a decisive problem solver.One who uses the knowledge given to him, makes a decision and has the courage to stay the course even when it doesnít look good in the polls.He must offer me solutions to problems and not just criticisms of possible solutions offered by others.


Long ago, there was a television program called the Gong Show.It was a show where amateur performers competed.A panel of celebrities rated the passable ones and the bad ones were ďGongedĒ before they could finish their act.A regular on the show was the Unknown Comic. Heíd come out wearing a brown paper bag with eyeholes in it on his head and tell some bad jokes before being gonged.Our Unknown Candidates, who are failing to meet my Average American expectations are being gonged.