At the end of the rainbow…

J. D. Pendry

Considering the breadth of recorded human history, the United States of America has barely achieved adolescence in its 232 years.   In such a brief flash of time, we have become the pot of gold at the end of the world’s rainbow.   Many come here, or desire to, because of that.  Many want to destroy us, or desire to, because of that.  Our existence is an awkward one led by constantly changing voices and with a personality prone to outbursts resembling teenage hormonal turmoil.  It is turmoil that results either in a fiery crash at the end of a hairpin turn or an epiphany that allows for a transformation into responsible adulthood.  We are in the middle of one of those tumultuous periods now.  How we navigate through it just might determine whether we continue to grow as a great nation, or whether we become a brief passage in the recorded annals of the world.

One of my mentors told me that those in your charge will go where you lead them.  Likewise, the USA will go where its elected politicians lead it.  Scanning the horizon of future leaders makes me feel like I need to fill my pockets with as much as I can grab from our pot of gold and head for the hills.  Another mentor of mine advised me that I would do fine in life if I could avoid three things - liars and thieves.  I believe that it is no longer possible to do that.  Not only can they not be avoided, we tolerate them and have put many of them in charge of protecting our pot of gold.

Each of our three contenders for the presidency insists that we need to improve our image with other nations.  None of them insists that the Europeans who had their hands in Saddam’s oil for food till up to their collective elbows, the Middle Eastern countries whose ideologies produced indiscriminate murdering Islamic fascists, or that communist North Korea, the Red Chinese or any number of tin pot dictatorships represented at the United Nations needs to improve their images.  No, instead, they insist that the most generous nation in world history with both its treasure and blood needs to improve its image.  I am not inspired by any leader who insists that we lower our standards so that failed systems and nations will feel better about themselves.  That is the same mentality that says every kid gets to play every game and they all get a trophy at the end.  In our short history, we lead the world.  It should be clear to the nincompoops who want to lead us that our system is the superior one and it is capable of making great leaps to benefit all mankind when challenged by leadership to do it.  John Kennedy challenged us to go to the moon.  We did it while the rest of the world, in awe, watched.  When they need to inspire us to move forward and invite the rest of the world along for the ride, our current crop of hopeful leaders instead challenge us to improve our image with people who would just as soon remain locked in the 7th century.

The Congressional hearings with “big oil” further illustrate our situation.  If you believe that “big oil” is responsible for the high price of gasoline you pump into your car, you probably will not like this too much.  Politicians are the reason and we will not even count the more than fifty cents per gallon that you pay in state and federal taxes.  In 1976, our refining capacity was probably adequate for the time.  Since then, we have not built a new refinery in this country.  That accounts for much of the price of gasoline because the supply cannot keep up with the demand so the price will continue to go up until the demand decreases.  In 1980, we had more refineries and more capacity than we now do.  That is because environmental regulation makes it cheaper to try to attempt to expand existing refineries rather than build new ones.  We need to solve our refining capacity problem then we need to increase our oil supply.  We cannot do that, however, because Congress prevents those who might do so from drilling for our own oil.  Our supply and demand problem and our dependence on our enemies for oil is the sole property of the United States Congress, who is happily giving away our pot of gold while trying like good politicians to convince you, who pays the price for their incompetence, that it is someone else’s fault.

Two of our candidates will solve our energy problems with windfall profit taxes on “big oil” and “green solutions” that will not only solve our energy needs, but also create many “green industry” jobs.  Broken down, it means they have no plan except the proven failure of growing fuel instead of food.  The only industry or job ever created by a politician is politics.  Someone in the world will starve behind the genius of the “green industry”.   I suggest that we reduce CO2 by demanding that Congress only exhale on even numbered days.

The Maverick boasted that he would have a Manhattan project that would have us energy independent in 5 years.  He never got into much depth, but you must know that he believes in the global warming hoax and does not support drilling for our own oil.  So, one must assume that his project will be about some other type of fuel.  How do you think we will manage switching out fleets of trucks, cars, emergency services vehicles, construction equipment, farm vehicles, our entire military inventory…. in 5 years.  I must admit that is a challenge, but more of a suicidal than inspirational one.

Well, we are in great shape.  I am going out back to check the dehumidifier system in the bunker.  I want to ensure that I avoid that third thing – wet toilet paper.

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