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J. D. Pendry


I started this at 6:15 AM (thatís 0615 for you old troopers), Saturday morning, August 6, 2005.At 8:15 AM Japanese time 60 years ago, the Enola Gay a B-29 Bomber, dropped a single bomb dubbed ďLittle BoyĒ on the city of Hiroshima.Little Boyís explosive power was equivalent to 13 kilotons of TNT.More than 70 thousand died in the initial blast.Many more died afterward from their injuries and the nuclear fallout.For 60 years, weíve debated the decision.It was a war that we didnít start, but meant to win.When you consider all of the arguments, at least when I do it because I donít claim to speak for you, it comes down to whether the Japanese lives lost were more valuable than the American lives saved.The final judgment on that question is yet to come, but the responsibility for the made decision lies with those who started the war and not those who ended it.


8:15 passed without incident.Why was I concerned?Some things Iíve read recently concerning the nuclear terror threat showed that captured documents call al-Qaedaís plans to use nuclear weapons against us the American Hiroshima.This source indicates that al-Qaeda may possess more that 40 nuclear devices in the form of suitcase nukes, mines, artillery shells and warheads some of which were already smuggled into the US.It even went on to say that during the cold war years, Russian special operations soldiers smuggled into the US and pre-positioned some of these small nukes to detonate in the event of war.Reading this article and several versions of the same information in other articles raised questions for me that needed answers.Questions such as, is it possible to have a nuclear weapon that will fit in a suitcase?Is it possible that al-Qaeda got their paws on some of them?


Those of you who are old enough, know that the Soviet Union led us into space.With that in mind, itíd be naÔve to think that they were behind us in nuclear weapons technology.In 1961, the United States fielded the W54 warhead used in the Davy Crockett.It weighed 51 pounds with a yield of .01 kilotons (equivalent to 10 tons of TNT, or two to four times as powerful as the ammonium nitrate bomb that destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City).The Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SADM) used a variant of this warhead.The SADM unit, first deployed in 1964, weighed less than 163 pounds with a yield of .01 to 1 KT.If we could make them that small more than 40 years ago, whatís possible now?The first computers would not fit into your house.Now you can drop a thousand times more computing power into your shirt pocket.If we could do it, the Soviets could too.Man portable, backpack or suitcase nuclear weapons are real.This Fox News article gives a not to technical description of likely configurations.


Could the killers who wish to remove infidels from the face of the earth have some of these?Good question?Weíve been talking about it since the 1990ís, and youíd think there would be more interest shown by our major media sources.Unfortunately, theyíre more concerned with the evil schemes of Karl Rove than those of bin Laden.OK, back on track.I found the text of a PBS Frontline interview (see, I donít always rely on conservative sources) about the subject of missing nuclear weapons from the old Soviet Union.


He [ Soviet General Alexander Lebed ] said one of his assignments was to account for 132 suitcase size nuclear weapons that the Soviet Union had manufactured during the sixties, the seventies and the eighties, much like we manufactured in our country, even though today we no longer have small atomic demolition munitions, we've destroyed them all.... He said he could only find 48.We were startled.We said, "General, what do you mean, you can only find 48?"He said, "That's all we could locate.We don't know what the status of the other devices were, we just could not locate them." ... Ė Congressman Curt Weldman, discussing his 1998 trip to Moscow in the above cited interview.


I canít tell you what to conclude.I believe the weapons exist and Iím not convinced the Russians can account for them.But, do the terrorists have them?Iím not convinced that they donít.


"What was disconcerting about the (suspect's) information was that he knew details of the activation of the weapons and their construction that are not in the public domain," the U.S. expert analyst said.- U.S. INVESTIGATING WHETHER NUKES IN COUNTRY, By RICHARD SALE - UPI Terrorism Correspondent, December 28, 2001


Can we take a short detour?I know my readers are smart and analytical.Do any of you believe there is any chance that we donít know where bin Laden is?Even if we were complete knot heads, by now, we could have determined every place that he isnít.Heís in Pakistan most likely and we probably know exactly where.We could probably take him out along with a passel of Pakistanis.Why donít we?If we do that, it might cause an overthrow of the Pakistani government leading to the Islamofascists, for sure, having nuclear weapons.So there we are Ė hostage to atomic terror.


If I lived in a Muslim country, Iíd be very concerned about the possibility of a nuclear weapon detonation in the United States or for that matter, any free Western country.Because, I think if it happened even Ted Kennedy would get in line to pull the retaliatory nuclear trigger Ė the big nuclear trigger.Because this is a war we didnít start, but mean to win.


Iíll be out in the back yard digging my bunker.


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