Armed and Dangerous


J.D. Pendry


At week’s end, the US news media continues its bad amateur comedy club impersonation.  In spite of this, they still wonder why we are tuning them out and seeking other sources for news and information.  When a “Cleric” (we still can’t bring ourselves to call them what they are – instigators of murder and terror) who has lived in London for 20 years proclaims that he wants to fly the flag of Islam over the world, all our news media can find to talk about is the Karl Rove story, which they invented and whether or not they’ll be able to continue murdering babies after confirmation of a new Supreme Court Judge.  The British are supposedly better at dealing with terror than we are.  If that’s so, why isn’t this “Cleric” in prison – or with Allah?


The British conducted a terrorism poll.  Stop laughing now, this is serious.  Let me sum it up for you.  England should immediately imprison one in four Muslims or deport them to the Islamic utopia of their choice.  That’s about 100,000 according to the poll.  I can see it coming now.  “The latest XYZ news poll reveals that there are no Muslims in America who are sympathetic to terror.  Samplings of Muslims across the country showed that all responded negatively when asked, are you sympathetic to terror.” 


In New York, they started random searches at mass transit stations.  There are already complaints and orders against racial profiling.  I can think of no reason to search an Arab looking man wearing an overcoat and carrying a backpack.  Can you?  Let’s be politically correct and search only children and grannies.  You do realize that following the next New York attack Ted Kennedy will declare that the war on terror is a quagmire and insist that we immediately withdraw from New York.


Have you read any of the stories about nukes allegedly smuggled into our country by practitioners of the religion of peace?  I don’t know if I believe them, but with borders that leak like a sieve and bin Laden’s stated goal of needing to kill 4 million of us, I have more reason to believe it than not.  Even if it’s true and the government knew it, they couldn’t tell us.  If the President came on television and said we know that terrorists in our country have nuclear weapons, people would panic, refugees would invade my peaceful and well-armed neighborhood and hooligans would make it unsafe for anyone who appears to be of the Middle Eastern persuasion.  Representative Tom Tancredo thinks we should promise to nuke’em right back.  My goodness Tom, that is very politically incorrect of you.  Besides Mecca, I think Tehran and Damascus are also good choices.  CAIR says we should stifle Tom.  We agree CAIR, right after you do some stifling of your own.  Actually, CAIR, which is another way to spell Hamas in the US, is also a good suggestion for the troops at target acquisition.


Speaking of targets.  In Iran, our friends are actively recruiting and training murder-bombers.  One little nuke in the center of the garrison could accelerate their quest for martyrdom.  Don’t these idiots realize that we faced down the world’s largest nuclear arsenal, that we have used atomic weapons before and that we will never be the ultimate loser in a war?  If they really want to live in the 7th century a few well placed nuclear tipped ICBMs will get them there.  I think I’ll start hoarding food and preparing for refugees.


One final note on the war on terror.  Whatever you do, make sure Ted Kennedy or Dick Durbin doesn’t see this photo because it’s proof that we’ve been torturing Sadaam.  I came across it the other night while reading news on the Internet.  Horror of all horrors.  Sadaam is wearing BCG’s.  For the uninformed, this is the affectionate name (birth control glasses) given to the stylish glasses issued to American Soldiers.  I’m wearing a pair right now.  Like American Soldiers, they’re tough and effective.  Why BCG’s?  Do you think you’ll come across as the alpha male or female while wearing these puppies?


I’m glad I’m over here in the hills of the not so densely populated and rural

Republic of Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.  I’ve considered relocating to the site of my raising, the southern part of the state.  There, the hills are steeper, the valleys deeper and the people fewer.  The politicians are mostly crooks but every home has at least two high-powered rifles with scopes, several shotguns generally 12 gauge or 20 gauges for the women and everyone can shoot.  The terrain is easy to defend.  There are pistols in back pockets and glove compartments of pick-up trucks.  These boys were settin’ charges in coalmines and blowing rocks out of the road before Mohammed could spell bomb.  A standard greeting for strangers in Wyoming county is, “You from around here?”  The last words a person might hear before he starts looking for his 72 virgins are, “You ain’t one of them Aaarabs er ye?”


If you think our epic war started on 9/11, learn about Isaac and Ishmael.


Psalm 18: 25-27.


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