J. D. Pendry

anarchy:  1.  lack of government.  2.  chaotic situation

I’m not too sure where I first heard or read that there are three milestones leading to the fall of great nations.  First there is spiritual apostasy, followed by moral degeneracy, and then comes political anarchy.  I think history supports those assumptions.

In the United States, legions of lawyers worked hard to push us toward the first milestone by forcing God from the public view.  If it feels good do it moral relativism has steadily steered us toward the second one.

We now strive to achieve the third milestone of our demise.  My life experiences have taught me to be a slow burn, but at some point, like everyone else, I reach my tipping point.  That’s when I’d like nothing better than to walk into the U.S. Capitol and pass out eviction notices.  The United States Capitol belongs to you and me just as does the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  We’re the only landlords in the world who pay their tenants large salaries to occupy our property ($162,500 “above the table” for even the rookies) and then do not insist that they fulfill even the basic obligations in their leases.  In our representative government, politicians have but two basic obligations to us.  Protect us from enemies, foreign and domestic.  The Islamic Nazis, for example, who want us and our culture dead and the criminals who make some of our city streets more dangerous than a stroll through Sadr City.  Secondly, they must ensure that the things we need to carry on daily life are there and functioning.  Basic things, such as clean water to drink and bridges that won’t collapse beneath us when we are on our home from work.

Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Boyda of Kansas heard so much good news from retired Army General Jack Keane that she practically hyperventilated as she walked out of the Armed Services Committee hearing.  It appears the General had the audacity to forego kowtowing and political correctness in lieu of offering the ground truth to the Congresswoman.  A person the citizens of Kansas pay well to weigh facts and truth and make decisions on their behalf walked out on a General Officer offering her facts and truth.   That is a pathetic display.  Does it make you feel more secure?  It causes me wonder if winning in Iraq is important to Congresswoman Boyda or other politicians like her.  Or, maybe it was the possibility of our success that frustrated and frightened her so dearly.  In the words of her party’s whip Congressman James Clyburn, good news out of Iraq “could be a real problem for [Democrats].”  Imagine that, American success is bad news for the Democratic Party – and they even admit it – and they’re in charge of Congress.

The media and pollsters actually control what happens in the United States.  They like us to believe that they are reporting or opining about the important events of the day and how Mr. or Mrs. Average views them, but instead they’re driving events or at minimum influencing outcomes.  To me, that is just more evidence of the dysfunctional, yet highly paid collection men and women we charge to meet the most basic functions of government.

One group of politicians refuses to hold a debate on a particular news network because, it can only be assumed, they fear being challenged by questions of substance that do not come from someone dressed up like a snowman.  Yet, we are to believe they can well up the courage when needed to face down enemies and meet their most basic obligation which is our security.

Then, there’s the other group of politicians who rely talk radio hosts to speak to the people because they’ve become beholden to the art of not offending anyone, like Congresswoman Boyda, by speaking to them the politically incorrect truth.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking for the political leader that is willing to talk to me, directly, and in un-poll tainted thoughts.  One that can look me into the eye and tell me what we really face and what he or she intends to do about it.  Then I can decide for myself if it is wise to invade an ally or swear off ever using nuclear weapons.  Frankly, I’m not interested in what a few hundred or even thousands of ill-informed people called during their dinner hour believe.  I’m much more interested in what one highly paid individual with much information at his disposal thinks.  Problem is most of them are too chicken to tell me what they think unless it’s supported by the latest poll data.

Finally, we learned just how close we’ve are to achieving political anarchy.  Anyone with at least two firing brain cells knows that Congress has become incapable of accomplishing anything toward meeting their basic obligations.  A recent poll showed a 3 percent approval rating for Congress.  For a collection of people so beholden to the pollsters to tell them what to do, you’d think it would have some impact.  I have no reason to think that it will.  The other night a vote was closed in the House of Representatives defeating legislation by a vote of 215 to 213 that would have provided benefits to illegal immigrants.  Then the vote was reopened, something unprecedented in the history of our country, and closed declaring the vote a 214 to 214 tie.  Then it was reopened and closed again showing it passed by a margin of 212-216.  Hugo Chavez parliamentary procedures turned the world’s greatest deliberative body into political anarchy and effectively voided our representative democracy.

Congress, mine and yours, cannot get past political hatred for one another and they simply cannot wean themselves from vote buying pork long enough to meet their basic obligations.  Congress should move from C-Span to the comedy channel.  You and I should lay in food, water, medicine and ammo supplies and avoid bridges.

© J. D. Pendry 2007