A clear choice…

J. D. Pendry

Did you vote early?  My bride and I did.  Early voting is a convenience, but I am afraid it makes shenanigans easier.  It gives dead people and Disney characters multiple opportunities to vote before Election Day.  The media and pollsters are assuring us that our effort to vote was fruitless as McCain has already lost.  I reckon we will know for sure in a few days.

I asked one of the poll workers how business was this year compared to 2004, when we also voted early.  He said there are many more early voters this time around, averaging more than 700 per day.  That might not seem like many to you, but it is for here.  I asked him why he thought that was and he said this election is much different from the last one.  I did not ask how he thought it differed.  I just tried to read his expression.  His response and my visual survey of those voting at the early polling place caused me to wonder about the pundit’s assessments and those polls.  The early voters I observed did not meet the profile the media and pundits told me to expect.  In 2004, yards around here were full of Kerry/Edwards signs.  Some of them were as big as billboards.  Kerry still took a whoupin here.  Obama/Biden signs are scarce as hen’s teeth.  I am not a political prognosticator, but something is not adding up with what we are hearing in the media and seeing in the polls.   

We hear practically every election how this one is the most important one in the history of our country.  This time, that might be an accurate statement.  Regardless of who moves into the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we will have learned some important things about people and our country.  The contrast between choices this time around is stark and there certainly are historic implications.

A Fox News reporter working for Bill O’Reilly tried to get William Ayers to answer some questions outside his home in Chicago.  Do you know what leaped out at me during the exchange?  It wasn’t the questions or the non answers.  It was that big red star on the front of Mr. Ayers’ shirt.  I had an immediate flashback to the 1960s and early 1970s.

Some of you lived through the hippie era.  Red stars were standard accouterments for the clothing of the anti-American, anti-war, draft dodging, draft card burning hippies.  The Fonda Kerry kids, the Students for Democratic Society, the Weather Underground, John Kerry’s Winter Soldier collection of frauds.  These stars, representative of the communist enemies of our country, got prominent display by them while the American flag was desecrated, burned or used as a butt patch on nasty ragged jeans.  When I see Ayers wearing this star on his chest and recall the recent photo of him standing on the American flag and his words saying he didn’t feel that he done enough when he was trying to kill people with bombs I know that he hasn’t changed one iota.  Ayers is just one of many of those 60s hippies who morphed into “the establishment” they so hoped to destroy.  You should no longer wonder how public education was transformed into liberal indoctrination.  They are in Congress too.  Just recall their words.  They are in the courts giving constitutional rights to enemy combatants picked up on the battlefield.  Now, they have a candidate ideologically shaped by his many radical associations only one of which is Ayers.  When he accuses our military of air raiding villages and killing civilians, you should not be surprised.  That is the rhetoric of the Fondas and Kerrys – and Ayers.  He is backed by a gas bag yes man that would sell his soul for the second seat in the Whitehouse.  If they get their man in the most powerful seat in the world, it will take generations to recover from another new deal or great society - if we can recover at all.  Just imagine a federal court system more saturated than it now is with people ideologically aligned with Bill Ayers.

On the other side is just an old Warrior.  He has been snickered at by the other side.  He is too out of touch to use a computer.  I suppose these tough guys from the left also had their wrists and elbows bound so tightly that they touched – behind their backs.  Then of course they all know what it feels like to be strung up from the ceiling by those bound together elbows until their shoulders are dislocated.  They know what it is to endure that treatment for 5 years and still come home loving your country.  They cannot grasp the concept of humility.  The old Warrior picked as his second someone deeply rooted in that great American Middle.  That is the same middle that has made our country great and fought her wars and always came home expecting nothing in return.  From the Ayers generation that is what they got.  The associations and experiences that shaped the Warrior and his second are the ideological polar opposite from the other side.  It is authentic American.  The American we once read about in history books before those great educators like Mr. Ayers decided that history was not important enough to teach to future generations.

There has been some great unmasking this time around.  We have learned that elitist snobs are not necessarily one in the same with left wing liberals.  Some who proclaim themselves centrist and even conservative have stepped out from that elitist closet of theirs and summarily attacked a commoner who has the audacity to want to enter into their circle.  Others have unmasked themselves politically, showing what many of us expected all along.  Political generals are just that – politicians.  We have learned that the American news media is no better than what is found in countries where it is state run propaganda.

This time around we can have a rebirth of America or we can place her in jeopardy of being lost to an ideology incompatible with everything that brought us to this point in history.  This year, vote like your life depends on it.

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